Gwyneth in Killer Heels

Gwyneth in Killer Heels

Gwyneth Paltrow rocked the red carpet in killer 7inch heels this weekend but not everyone can keep so balanced with their feet squashed into a crippling stiletto. Female First give you some top tips that will have you dancing your sexy sky high shoes off in no time.

For lots of us the thought of teetering around in huge heels is a nightmare but there is no denying that some outfits just look better with a bit of extra leg length.

But working those killer heels doesn't have to be such a disaster if you take a little time to practice.

Walking in heels is easy if you follow this guide...

1. As you take a step make sure you put your heel down first, then let the sole follow quickly and smoothly.

2.Keep your toes pointing straight ahead or as close to straight as you can, keep your shoulders back and lean back slightly as you walk.

3. If you swing your arms slightly as you walk you find it easier to balance.

4. Try and keep your legs as close together as possible as you walk. This will keep your body more centred.

5. Take your time. Take even, deliberate steps and keep your strides short.

Tackling Stairs

Stairs can be pretty daunting if you're uncomfortable walking in heels but again it's all about practice. If you know you've got a big event coming where you will have to walk up and down stairs then why not practice on the stairs at home for a few days before.

Going Up- It's best to make sure you place both your heel and your sole down at the same time on each stair. To stop and embarrassing trip ensure your foot lands in the middle of each stair as you make your way up.

Coming Down- You don't even need to walk on your heel all the way down the stairs. Just put the sole of your shoe on each stair and keep the heel slightly raised for a light tip toe movement. Don't be shy about using a banister or rail to steady yourself- that's what they are there for! Just placing your hand lightly over the banister will make you feel confident you have something to grab hold of if you feel a trip coming.]

Don't be scared to steady yourself on the arm of a chivalorous man when tackling the stair- even Gwyneth admitted she had a helping hand in her heels. She told the mirror: "I'm a very capable heel walker but I had trouble with my knee while I was making the film and sometimes on stairs it hurts. That's when I had to hold on to my bodyguard's arm."

If you want more high heel advice check out the video below.....

Caz Moss- Female First