Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs took a trip back 19th century French circus for his Spring/Summer 2010 collection.

Models hit the runway adorned with clown-style ruffle collars, harlequin balloon shorts and cropped trousers in light silk and fun layered shoulders.

Pierrot, the french Commedia dell'arte character, was an obvious inspiration for Jacob's collection with the show full of pale, red lips, painted on eyes and ultra high tight buns.

Layers of silky ruffles upon silky ruffles creating a beautifully soft take on the winter's structured shoulders while cute spotted floaty dresses hint at a fun and free summer after this year's body con trend.

Many aspects of Jacob's new collection aren't exactly 'Ready to Wear', I'm sure the wonder-woman-meets-granny-pants two piece would get me thrown out of Tesco, but it's fun and fabulous and that's what fashion is about afterall.

However we can see how the romantic ruffles and loose cuts will make for some gorgeous girly dresses and loose fitted balloon shorts will be a welcome change from the heavy tailoring of past seasons when summer fashion hits the stores.

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