Kim Kardashian's maternity style hasn't always flattered her

Kim Kardashian's maternity style hasn't always flattered her

Getting style right isn’t always easy, and it’s going to be a whole lot harder when you’re carrying an extra person around too.

We have the likes of Kim Kardashian, who has come under a lot of scrutiny for her style choices whilst pregnant, but then there’s the likes of Lara Stone, Duchess of Cambridge and Jenna Dewan-Tatum who have shown off great style choices during their pregnancy.

In a poll we currently have on the site, asked who the most stylish pregnant celeb is and Rochelle Humes is currently in the lead with 87% of the vote – you can cast yours here.

So, to help those who may be struggling to find their maternity style groove, Cecile Reinaud, founder of Séraphine, shares her top tips on how to flatter your bump through every trimester.

1st Trimester – Making the Transition

You can still sport high heels during the first trimester and achieve that glamorous pregnancy look by wearing softer, elegant styles. Layering is ideal at this stage, for comfort and style purposes.

Too much cleavage can easily overpower an outfit but high-collared styles can serve to make you look a little on the frumpy side, so finding a balance in flaunting and flattering is key. A crossover neckline dress offers this balance.

2nd Trimester – Dream Denim and the LBD

When entering the second trimester, it’s all about finding that ideal capsule collection of denim and dresses.

Dresses are another east to-go-for chic maternity style – just look at Rochelle Humes’ maternity dress style. Longer knee length styles give you a more elongated look to contrast the curves. Another maternity wardrobe staple if the little black dress, it is the perfect option for day-to-night dressing.

At this point heels are no longer a good idea, as they are not only bad for your back, but can affect your posture and force your bump forward, accentuating your curves.

Accessories like belts and bright necklaces are also great to add to an outfit to define curves and add colour.

3rd Trimester – Comfort in style

Maxi dresses in the third trimester are the perfect choice, just like Kourtney Kardashian and Jessica Alba who have tried this look. You will be craving comfort and soft fabrics at this stage; the maxi length offers effortless elegance – creating a flattering, elongated silhouette. 

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