Struggling with what to wear each morning arguably isn’t that much of a dilemma, there are certainly worse things we could stress over… however, we all want to look our best and if you’re particularly fashion-forward, you may find yourself dwelling over outfit concepts for hours!

Photo by Artem Bali from Pexels

Photo by Artem Bali from Pexels

This hurdle is made increasingly worrisome if you’re planning for an exciting upcoming event, with dress codes in place we can all be guilty of frantically scrolling online for something unique to wear. This certainly isn’t an easy process… as we wonder “will it fit me when it turns up?”, “will someone else be wearing this too?” and “what if I’m overdressed, or underdressed?!” it’s not difficult to feel part of your very own comedy series.

Fashion designer Anunita shares a little light on those thoughts we’re all guilty of having… with a few tips for relaxing and finding solutions in our time of need. Ladies, meet your fairy Godmother!

1. "What's the weather like? Cold. Always cold." 

Living in the UK, planning an outfit based on the weather (especially from September onwards), is rather pointless… rest assured, the chances are it’s going to be cold, wet and windy. However, while this may leave you thinking “problem solved, jumper it is!”, it’s rarely that simple. If you live in the city, you’ll find that public transport is always boiling, no matter the time of year.

Anunita advises that the key is simple: layers! Consider a stylish, patterned blazer, scarf and practical footwear (ankle boots will quickly become your go-to) for an outfit that promises to satisfy all necessary circumstances. Don’t see this as too much of an inconvenience but instead, consider this an opportunity to explore different patterns, prints and colours!

2. "Will it fit me when it turns up?"

In this modern world, we love nothing more than ordering online. With clothes arriving conveniently on our door step, this solves a limitless number of inconvenient problems. Although, there is one thought that crosses all of our minds… “will it fit?”.

This ominous question echoes, leaving us anxious for the arrival of our long-awaited outfit. Consider ordering from bespoke boutiques which create pieces with your shape in mind; yes, this might seem like an added hassle, but it truly is worth every minute spent.

3. "Is next day delivery really next day?"

Clothing websites frequently bring with them bags of promises, next day delivery being just one of them. However, we unfortunately often find that ‘next day’ is a little over optimistic, with our orders arriving later than expected. As a result, we pay more for poor service and wait for days or weeks on end.

Clothing sites such as Anunita’s do not promise next day delivery as they’re tailor made, although, if you remain organised and order your outfit with enough time to spare (yes, it is possible to not order clothes in a last-minute panic), you’ll feel less inconvenienced than when encountering the poor service that often accompanies ‘next day delivery’.

4. "What if I'm overdressed, or underdressed?"

When planning an outfit for an event, it can be difficult to anticipate what others will wear… you don’t want to appear too glam, or too casual for your upcoming celebration. Chat with your friends and find out what they’re planning on wearing… the simple solutions really can be the best!

Also, consider outfits that are a perfect mix of fancy and relaxed; tailored suits, blouses and jeans all make for ideal combinations that’ll ensure you’re not overdressed or underdressed.

5. "Will someone else be wearing this too?"

A classic concern, we always worry that we’ll rock up to an event only to find that another guest is wearing the exact same outfit. Undoubtedly, we want our outfit to be unique, standing out from the crowd. However, as many of us order from the same online outlets, the chances of unwittingly matching are made increasingly high.

Consider looking at more unique, lesser-known stores that offer creative, bespoke pieces. This will ensure you surprise and delight, exceeding all expectations. For example, with Anunita’s being made by hand with an array of exciting materials, you’ll never have to worry about outfit clashes.

6. "I've heard the horror stories. Where was this made?"

The news is often laden with stories discussing clothing stores that infamously have their goods made abroad, by impoverished children who are substantially underpaid. This, along with the endless plastic that accompanies high street packaging, leaves us worried about the ethical and eco-friendly nature of our purchases.

Take the time to consider where you’re buying from and think of your green thumb. Anunita is just one designer who sources materials from India, ensuring all of her pieces are ethical and eco-friendly. Hand made with care, you really can buy your perfect outfit guilt-free.

If you’d like to take a look at Anunita’s collection, visit

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