When you think of old people you think blue rinses, nylon pleated skirts, tights that roll around the ankles and out of control whiskers. But are these becoming images of the past? With cosmetic beauty treatments on the rise, an increase in fashion in the media and exercise being more accesible than ever- is there any excuse for us letting go of our looks as we get older?

As Madonna heads towards 50 she shows no sign of her dying her hair blue, Kim Catrall is coming up to her 52nd birthday but you can't imagine her swapping her Manolo Blahniks for a comfy pair of slippers and Helen Mirren is old enough for a bus pass but she still hits the red carpet in the hottest outfits. So is old age set to become a think of the past?

While the likes of Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears and Amy Winehouse are partying too hard, looking far from healthy and getting themselves into trouble, Hollywood vetrans like Goldie Hawn, Sharon Stone, Jane Fonda and Judi Dench are ruling the red carpet with true elegance and classic glamour.

But it's all too easy for celebrities to keep on top of the signs of aging with the money to pay surgeons and stylists to help them- but what about the rest of us? Can we really beat the OAP stereotype of years gone by?

Well why not? In our twenties the idea of abandoning our beauty routine and heading down to the bingo in a baggy cardigan and polyester dress doesn't appeal to us at all so why does this have to change once you reach your 70s?

The secret to holding onto your youth is all in the head. If you hit your 65th birthday and suddenly decide you're too old to follow fashion and that make up is something for 'those youngsters' then you will soon succumb to old age.

This doesn't mean that a mini skirt and stilettos is a good look for all pensioners. But by simply continuing to experiment with new fashion and discovering what looks good as you get older will keep your style fresh and youthful.

The likes of Helen Mirren and Goldie Hawn still dress in outfits they would of worn in their younger days but they look great. Goldie's legs are still fab so she continues to show them off in short dresses while Helen has a clevage to die for and nothing's going to stop her making the most of it. But while doing this they keep those inevitable sagging areas under wraps.

Looking good is all about knowing your own body- it's shapes, it's features, it's flaws- and making the most of it. The older we get the more time we've had to get to know our bodies so it's only natural that we should be looking better as we head into our later years.

So it's time to ditch this old fashion notion of age and embrace life, fashion and beauty no matter how old we are!

Caz Moss- Female First