It has been revealed that British women on average spend over £20,000 in a lifetime searching for the perfect fit. Whether it's a bra that fits "just right", or a pair of jeans that flatter your every curve, the search for perfection is never-ending according to new research conducted by Atomic Research in partnership with Tampax.

Conducted to coincide with the launch of the new Tampax Compak Pearl, the study also revealed that the search for the perfect fit requires a lot of time and effort, with an entire month of an aver-age British woman's life being spent finding clothing and accessories to fit her body shape and style.

Over half of the 1,000 UK women between 16-34 questioned (55%) said they trawled shops in search of a brilliant bra, with two in five women (40%) in pursuit of a flattering pair of jeans and over a third (37%) hoping to find perfectly-fitting shoes.

When the search is successful, it has been found that the emotional and physiological impact can be hugely positive, with nearly a third (30%) of those asked about finding the perfect jeans saying it felt "amazing! A real confident booster!" and a further 20% saying it made them feel "attractive" as "they flatter in all the right areas". 3% even went as far to say that it made them feel "euphoric"!

The downside of not finding the perfect fit, however, is equally emotional but for all the wrong reasons. Those who cannot find the perfect jeans are impacted negatively, with 80% being "disappointed", 70% "frustrated" and 65% "stressed". 15% even admitted that it's brought them to tears.

Despite spending so much time finding the perfect fitting clothes, we're gobsmacked that girls don't spend the same time and effort when it comes to period protection. Less than a quarter (21%) have even considered looking for the perfect protection fit, with 33% carrying on using the same type of tampon even after a leak, and a further 18% holding out to check if it leaked "a few more times" before actively looking for an alternative.

Rather than looking for the right period protection for their body, women instead compromise on doing things they love due to leak worries. Pressed further, the study shows that almost 60% questioned admitted they wouldn't wear white jeans while on their period, with 49% not wearing nice knickers and 22% avoiding exercise. This means that for around a week every month, millions of women across the United Kingdom are finding themselves missing out on doing what they love.

GP Dr. Radha Modgil explains: "Some women, particularly teens, may feel nervous and worried about social activities such as going out with friends, or exercising when they are on their period but what they don't realise is that it can actually make them feel better. Exercise, for example, could help them feel more positive, and can even relieve any PMS symptoms they may be experiencing. If they have the right sanitary products with the right level of protection, then women shouldn't feel limited by their period at all."

Communications Manager for Tampax, Carla Berry adds: "It is shocking to see that despite women spending so much time and money searching for the perfect fit for their outer curves, there is such complacency when it comes to their inner curves and that women would rather just give up on things they love for a week every month."

Tampax are committed to empowering women to seize every moment of every day, with nothing holding them back. Having listened to what women are looking for in a tampon - superior protection, comfort and discretion - they applied this to the innovation of new Tampax Compak Pearl.

The smooth applicator is built for comfortable insertion and the small size and four new stylish wrapper designs with Quiet & Discreet technology means it fits discreetly into the palm of your hand. Designed to fit a woman's inner curves, the Tampax Compak Pearl eliminates gaps that can cause leaks, allowing women to go about their everyday activities feeling confident whilst they're on their period.

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