Find the perfect bridesmaid dresses with these tips

Find the perfect bridesmaid dresses with these tips

There are many different things you want to make your wedding day special, and making sure your bridesmaids are dressed well is definitely one of them. 

Awful bridesmaid dresses are definitely a thing of the past, matching dresses still happen, but so does different styles and different colours - it's all really down to personal preference. 

To help you in your search, we've enlisted the help of Polly Thompson - founder of Nabbd – Not Another Boring Bridesmaid DresS. 

She provides her expert tops on finding the perfect bridesmaid dresses. 

UK Sizing

Many bridesmaid dresses are manufactured in the US or Far East so be aware when ordering (both in shops and online) that you have the correct sizing for the UK.  Always make sure you follow a stick sizing guide which any reputable company should supply. Dresses from the US take approximately 12-14 weeks to arrive so it can be an expensive and time consuming mistake to make and you may not have time to exchange them for the correct size… all resulting in an awful lot of unnecessary stress, panic and alteration costs! 

High Street Stores

There is nothing more embarrassing then a wedding guest arriving on the Big Day wearing the same dress as the Bridesmaids!  Believe me it does happen….  Be cautious when buying from high street chains and instead maybe opt for boutique labels, bridal shops or UK websites dedicated to Bridesmaid dresses. 

Visit Wedding Fairs/Exhibitions

A great way to get inspiration for bridesmaid dresses is to visit wedding fairs and see what’s on offer.  The National Wedding Show  is one of the largest wedding fairs in the UK and many exhibitors are happy to offer ‘show discounts’ which all helps with the wedding budget!

The Right Style

Your bridesmaids are an extremely big part of the day - both visually and of course as a support.  So make sure you choose dresses that reflect the type of wedding you are having whether it be vintage, 50s style or a classical wedding. 

The Right Fit for All

We all cone in different shapes and sizes so try and find a dress that would suit all your bridesmaids.  If, for example, the majority of your bridesmaid have fuller figures then try to find a style that flatters them and makes them feel confident.  If you opt for strapless dresses check to see if they also come with detachable straps for those who would feel more comfortable with a bit more support?  There are also many bridesmaid companies that offer the same bridesmaid dress but in different styles to suit everyone which can be a great solution.


Although as women we can all sometimes choose glamour over comfort (!) it is important to remember that wedding are long days… be careful to choose dresses for your bridesmaids that are comfortable so they can instead spend the day taking care of the you as well as enjoying every aspect of the day – whether it be sitting down for the wedding breakfast or the dancing the night away….!


The average Bridesmaid dress costs between £120-£150 so why not choose a dress that your bridesmaids can wear again at another function?  Not only will they feel more confident in their dress but they may even be more inclined to contribute towards the cost!

Buying Online

Be very cautious when buying your bridesmaid dresses online.  Some of the pitfalls when buying from an International site could be a no returns or exchange policy, long lead times, sizing complications and communication frustrations (different time zones/unable to get hold of anyone).  

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