Waterfall Waistcoat, Miss Selfridge. £16

Waterfall Waistcoat, Miss Selfridge. £16

Waterfall front waistcoats are great for creating lots of flowing layers and they are set to take the high street by storm for Winter 2009.

The longline front of waistcoats, like this one from Miss Selfridge, makes them easy to wear and flattering no matter what your shape.

The waterfall waistcoat is great for adding an instant 80s feel to any simple look. Simply throw one over a jeans and tshirt combo for a trendy finishing touch or add to a blouse and trousers to create a fashionable work outfit.

The lose cut of the these waistcoats is completely different from the fitted style we saw a few years ago which means its much more comfortable and can be used to create an easy layer effect.

We strongly suggest you add a simple versatile waterfall waistcoat to your winter wardrobe.

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