Rebecca Dowdeswell, owner of nkd ( ) waxing, guides women through what to expect from a Hollywood wax.

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The thought of having hair in your most intimate areas pulled out in one fell swoop is daunting for many women, which probably has something to do with why so many women seek solace in their razors. However, with nicks, cuts and ingrown hairs more common with shaving, the benefits of waxing really do surpass those of reaching for the razor.

A Hollywood wax is one of the most popular waxing treatments around, but ironically, also one that many women fear the most, due to it removing hair from where many dare not go…

However, leaving you feeling silky from front, to back, the Hollywood really is the ultimate when it comes to waxing treatments. So, I have put together a few pointers to put minds at ease when thinking of having this particular treatment.

What is a Hollywood wax?

Okay, let’s start with the bare basics – literally. A Hollywood wax leaves your pubic bone, labia, perineum and anus completely free of hair down there.

Run a jungle for a while

There isn’t a huge amount of home pube prep work involved with a wax – that’s the therapists job!

However, the key to ensuring a smooth waxing treatment is to refrain from shaving or removing the hair for three weeks prior to the appointment. For those that don’t have waxes, leaving the nether regions looking unruly can be an annoyance –  but the results will be worth it.

Expect a little pain

With a Hollywood wax, pain is to be expected. That being said, though, the level of pain depends on your waxing history, hair type and the positions you are in when having the treatments. The more frequently you have a wax the less it will hurt, so don’t be put off!

Getting up close and personal

Of course, having a Hollywood wax means that the therapist is going to have to have contact with your intimate areas, which will mean bearing all down there. To begin with you may feel embarrassed – but there is absolutely no need to. Therapists have seen it all and any good therapist should put you at ease and talk you through their process!

Tender loving after care

Your intimate area will likely be a shade of red after your wax, don’t worry, this is completely normal. However, simple aftercare will see it return back to usual in a few days. A few tips include: showering in warm water as oppose to hot, use un-fragranced soaps and gels to gently wash the area, avoid exfoliants and wear loose clothing if possible. 

Work out a waxing regime that suits you

There’s no rule as to when a woman can have a wax, but a women’s intimate area is often more sensitive in the weeks leading up to a period – so perhaps try and schedule your wax for the week after your period has ended. Any good therapist will strongly recommend you to have a wax every four-six weeks.

Finally…expect great things from a great salon

The key to a great Hollywood wax is choosing a caring, understanding and expert salon. nkd ( ) waxing in Leicester and Nottingham use the latest techniques for intimate areas, using sensitive wax, to ensure pain is as minimal as possible and the result surpasses all expectations.  

For more information or to book in for a Hollywood wax at nkd ( ) waxing, please visit:

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