If you think your choice of outfit, your car, haircut, and makeup are the only things that show you personality, think again! A woman’s handbag can speak volumes about who she is – her personality, her lifestyle and her aspirations.

Your bag can say a lot about you

Your bag can say a lot about you

A great bag not only ties an outfit together, but often says what kind of fashion person you are. Sure, if you are the credit card and phone only type, you've got us all beat in the efficiency department, but if you're proud of your "It" accessory, you wear it with aplomb.

Furthermore, a handbag is what most women tend to look at first. Imagine yourself, sitting in a restaurant and you’re quietly admiring the bag of the person sitting at the table next to you. You probably have made your judgment about that individual in just a few seconds…

Below Melissa Del Bono of meli melo tells us what that bag actually says about you.

The tote

When thinking about what your bag says about you, the tote signifies the kind of woman who is constantly on the go and needs an accessory that will help her fit everything she needs to go about her life. Whether it’s an extra pair of shoes for a quick change after work or even a whole new outfit, the tote has got your back and you’ll never run out of much needed space.


The hobo bag is perfect for that special kind of woman for whom not even a tote is big enough to satisfy their every day needs.


A stylish backpack signifies a love for adventures and the willingness to try new experiences, and this could pertain to wanting to explore a new city or having the confidence and conviction to leap head first in to a brand new career.


The clutch is the epitome of classic, simple glamour, perhaps best suited to a woman who doesn’t need a big statement to look stylish. Clutches aren’t famous for their capacity, so if you are the kind of girl who only leaves the house with her phone, lipstick and some cash, then you may have found your bag soul mate.

Cross body

The cross body is the bag of choice for the modern style conscious and essentials only type of girl. No room for a change of shoes or new outfit here, so a cross body bag wearer is usually a practical kind of girl who is already wearing exactly what she needs without having to carry alternatives.

The Bucket Bag

The bucket bag is the epitome of fashionable structure, so therefore is a great choice for people who like order and simplicity in their lives. A solid and structureal bag for a girl who adheres strictly to the appointments written in her planner.

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