We’re always searching for the perfect transitional bag that take us from work to play in a snap. So naturally, we’re all about the stylish “it” bag of the season—The Bucket! This gem has been around for ages, but it’s made a fierce comeback this year — ready to house all of your must-haves in a casual, chic way.

Meli Melo Bucket Bag

Meli Melo Bucket Bag

Defined by its drawstring closure and long strap that can either be slung over your shoulder or carried in-hand, the bucket bag is a must have item! The bag first achieved popularity in 1933 because of its fun, nontraditional look. Today, the accessory, which suits every style, from minimalist to full-on bohemian babe, is as fashionable in the city (choose a classic, neutral hue) as it is on a beach.

Interestingly, analysis from Lovethesales.com showed that the bucket bag is currently the most sought after bag.  

Most of the actresses and models love this type of bags as it is light weight, trendy and comes in different sizes and options and is also available in most of the leading brands. Instantly, it gives everyone a minimalistic trendy look and also has good features in it. As a result, this is the world’s most in-demand bag.

Melissa Del Bono of meli melo top reasons why everyone needs a bucket bag.

It’s a functional bag that can be carried multiple ways but still looks polished. It's not structured like a satchel and not casual like a cross body. It sits somewhere in the middle being casual yet chic.  

Its moveable shape allows it to be roomy with being oversized. I love my large totes, but sometimes they do get in the way and are hard to carry. The bucket bag easily holds all my things.  

It can be worn with anything. I love it paired with jeans, but it also looks fabulous with a dress or shorts.  A total win! 

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