We all love to travel, though one of the toughest tasks is packing efficiently. No matter how many lists we make, it’s easy to forget an essential item.

A universal travel adapter

A universal travel adapter

With years of experience in making travel better for holidaymakers around the country, the team at HolidayExtras.com share their top ten must-have holiday essentials that will serve you well for many happy holidays to come:

A universal travel adaptor

An all-to-often forgotten travel necessity, for which you could pay over-the-odds at the airport. To avoid a drawer full of adaptors at home and flat batteries whilst away, invest in a handy universal travel adaptor.

Insect repellent

Getting eaten alive by mosquitos on holiday can put a dampener on the whole break – so remember to pack a good insect repellent.

A noise-cancelling kit

The persistent noise of aircraft engines combined with harsh cabin lighting create far from ideal sleeping conditions when you’re travelling long-haul. An eye mask and ear plugs will come in handy to cancel out all the distractions, making you feel as rested as possible when you arrive at your destination.

A first aid kit

You never know when a blister will appear or when a wave of pollen will hit you whilst away. Having your own mini medical kit to hand saves you time and it will also help you avoid any language misunderstandings in overseas pharmacies!

A reusable water bottle

Travelling with a reusable water bottle ensures that you won’t ever go thirsty and is better for the planet too.  

Travel insurance

Travel should be enjoyed by all and now Holiday Extras offers a more extensive collection of insurance options, including for those with pre-existing medical conditions and up to 89 years of age.

Protective sun cream

An essential item that is hard to be forgotten - but it’s always important to make sure the SPF factor will be high enough for the destination you’re travelling to. To make sure it’s packed ready for the sunshine, Holiday Extras now offers a good quality sun cream as an add-on to bookings.

A practical bag

A reusable bag is eco-friendly and can be easily folded to carry around with you, making for an excellent shopping or beach bag. Opt for a Fairtrade cotton shopper bag to feel like the ultimate responsible traveller.  

Scented tissue paper

There’s nothing worse than arriving at your destination after a long-haul flight to realise your clothes smell like the plane they have just travelled on! Scented tissue paper will not only help keep your clothes smelling fresh, but absorb the extra humidity created in plane trips too.


HEHA!, the trip planner app from Holiday Extras, is a fantastic way to have fun whilst also getting organised for your trip. The app offers a platform to store important documents in one place, and it enables fellow travellers to share all aspects of the trip.  Save, share and comment web links to build up a personalised itinerary with family and friends.

For more information and to book useful holiday essentials including as airport hotels, parking, lounges and more – visit HolidayExtras.com.

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