The day of the royal wedding is nearly upon us and it’s an excuse to enjoy a few celebrations of your own- here’s why.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

It’s the bringing together of two people who love each other- Anyone’s wedding, whether you are close to them or not is a joyous occasion. You get to witness two people declaring their commitment to one another and it’s a beautiful thing to watch in person or from your TV screen.

There is no pressure- The beauty of not knowing the bride and groom is that you relax and enjoy it from the comfort of your own home- without the stresses commonly associated with being involved in a wedding.

It’s the weekend- So if you feel like having a knees up along with the happy couple you can because there is no work in the morning. Crack open the bubbly! 

You could have a very British party- In honour of the newlyweds- you could invite your friends and loved ones over for a wedding reception of your very own. You can tell your guests that the couple are there in spirit! 

It’s encouraged- They aren’t televising it for nothing. It is a piece of our history granted, but another reason it will be broadcast is to encourage others to join in on all the fun too. You may not be invited but you can still have a good time all the same.

You can deck your home with beautiful flowers- And they don't have to cost you the earth. Your local supermarket will stock an array of different colours and varieties to suit your colour scheme or you could send your better half to buy you a bunch to mark the occasion to indulge in the romance of the day too. 

Morrisons has created its own version of Meghan’s Royal Wedding bouquet for just £25

It’s a chance to feel patriotic- There are very few countries who have a royal family with such a high profile as ours so it’s a reason to be proud of what makes us unique.

We all want to see Meghan in her dress- It goes without saying that we are most excited to see her in her wedding gown and the style of dress she has chosen for her big day.

And the look on Harry’s face when he sees her for the first time- That special moment when the groom sees his bride coming down the aisle is like no other and this will be no different.

The celebrity guests- It’s always fun to pick out the faces you recognise from other walks of famous life among the guests. Rumour has it the Beckhams and the Clooneys will be there…

It’s a reason to eat cake- Who says that Meghan, Harry and their wedding guests are the only ones who get to enjoy a slice of the sweet stuff? Go and buy yourself a cake too and share it with your nearest and dearest!

Morrisons has created its own version of the Royal Wedding cake for just £7 meaning Royal Family fans can get a taste of the wedding in the comfort of their own home.

Meghan and Harry’s cake is expected to cost thousands as it is being made by acclaimed London-based pastry chef Claire Ptak, who is using three key ingredients: lemon, elderflower and flowers, to give shoppers a chance to taste the flavour combination Morrisons has created a version. The cake consists of three ten inch layers of classic sponge, lemon curd and whipped British cream flavoured with elderflower, and the sides will be decorated with white chocolate curls and it will be topped with a generous sprinkling of pink rose petals.

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