Who doesn’t love a Cornish Cream tea? It’s the quintessential English treat that has been around for well over a century. Now, in a very modern take on this classic, Warrens Bakery, Cornwall’s oldest bakery, has created an American Cornish afternoon tea, that’s perfect for celebrating the forthcoming Royal Wedding. Clotted cream and jam make way for peanut butter and jelly in this American makeover and here are our top ten reasons why you really must give it a try!

American-Cornish Afternoon Tea

American-Cornish Afternoon Tea

  1. Saturday 19th May will be a day of many firsts for the royal family as they welcome Meghan Markle into their fold and celebrate the marriage of a very traditional British family with a modern American one. It is the ideal opportunity for you to try your first Cornish American afternoon tea which perfectly combines British tradition with modern American ingredients.
  2. Taking the well-loved American peanut butter and jelly sandwich and giving it an afternoon tea style makeover, hand-made and freshly baked Traditional Plain and Fruit Scone recipes are well-loved favourites and work perfectly as a fabulously British base to the distinctive American flavours.
  3. You won’t need to feel unpatriotic because you can still use Cornish butter, butter milk from a Cornish dairy and Cornish Clotted Cream along when making your scones.
  4. You can ensure that even the tasty American toppings of this celebratory afternoon tea are locally produced by choosing Freda's Peanut Butter with Cornish Sea Salt to compliment Boddington’s Berries strawberry jam, both handmade in Cornwall.
  5. A royal wedding is the perfect excuse to gather your friends and family for a tea party and what better way to impress them than with flavours from both sides of the pond.
  6. You can make like the Queen, for whom afternoon tea is a daily ritual but bring that tradition bang up to date with this quirky twist on the usual jam and clotted cream pairing, with a nod to the American royal bride-to-be.
  7. Usually celebrated between 3pm and 5pm, as the new royal pairing throws the rule book out the window, so the American Cornish afternoon tea can be enjoyed any time of the day
  8. This Great British and American mashup might divide opinion but why not take a leaf out of Prince Harry’s book and shake up tradition a little. You thought that the Devon/ Cornwall debate of cream or jam first was controversial, well now there’s a new topping in the mix to shake up your afternoon tea deliberations!
  9. Remember it’s an American makeover not a takeover. You can still enjoy traditional clotted cream and jam covered scones alongside your peanut butter and jelly ones.
  10. Like the Royal couple, some things are just made for each other so say ‘I do’ to an American Cornish afternoon tea to celebrate the union that spans the Atlantic.

Your American Cornish afternoon tea shopping list…

  • Traditional Scone, Traditional Fruit Scone and the Salted Caramel Scone, RRP from £1.05
  • Boddingtons Strawberry Jam – RRP £5
  • Freda’s Cornish Peanut Butter – RRP £3.90

Find your nearest Warrens Bakery store, www.warrensbakery.co.uk


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