Today is National Coffee Cake Day- and even if you don’t like coffee- use it as an excuse to eat cake with our ten suggestions!

National Calendar Day on Female First

National Calendar Day on Female First

Go out for a coffee and cake date- Visit your favourite local coffee shop, indulge in their finest slice of cake with a hot drink and put the world to rights with your best friend, partner or family member.

Bake a cake- Find a willing helper or do it alone- just buy in all the ingredients and get your bake on!

Buy a celebration cake- Invite people over for an impromptu get together to celebrate friendship, family, a recent achievement or just that there’s cake in the house!

Go to a cake making class- If you’re not confident in your baking skills- why not learn from the experts?

Pop out for afternoon tea- Sandwiches, tea and of course… cake are involved so it all counts today!

Take a cake around to someone you love- Nothing says ‘let’s have a catch up’ like arriving at someone’s house with some baked goods and a listening ear. Think about who could benefit from you popping over and give them the good news.

Plan out your future cakes- Look online and find designs that you love and make a scrapbook or digital file of them all. Then when your birthday comes around you can drop a big hint as to what cake you’d like to celebrate with.

Make a cake album- If your parents have been good enough to keep pictures of all the cakes you’ve had over the years and you’ve carried on with the same tradition- why not put them into an album? It will certainly bring back a lot of memories and make you smile.

Book in for cake tasting- Forget whisky… beer is so last year- cake, cake is the way forward when it comes to taster sessions- you won’t look back.

Reach out to the best cake baker you know- Everyone has that one person in the family who is amazing at making cakes. Give them a call and arrange to spend a few hours baking together.

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