If today is your usual day for cleaning up, putting things away or tidying your space- STOP. Today is National NO Housework Day- meaning you don’t have to do anything that counts as a task around your home. If you’re unsure what to do with yourself when you put down the duster- here are our top ten suggestions!

Pegging out the washing can wait for another day

Pegging out the washing can wait for another day

Eat out- For breakfast, lunch or dinner or all three. There is no such thing as washing up, loading the dishwasher or cooking on this day so treat yourself to some food out or take out in!

Buy some new clothes- Instead of laundering the ones you have- invest in a new piece or a few new items depending on your budget.

Watch your favourite TV show- Pour yourself a glass of your favourite drink, source some nibbles and watch those boxsets that have been mounting up.

Leave your bed unmade- You may feel like an unruly teenager again, but you have better things to do today than straightening sheets!

Go out- Don’t give yourself the temptation of doing a little bit here and there- simply vacate the zone. Go to the cinema, for a walk, bowling, shopping, ice skating, for a round of crazy golf- whatever takes your fancy- just do it.

Have sex- If you are lucky enough to have this day off with your partner- get in some lovemaking while you can. Do it in every room of the house if you have the energy- you don’t have to feel bad about leaving underwear all over the floor!

Take a long soak in the bath- You don’t need to clean it today, so you might as well get some use out of it!

Read a book- Let the characters do all the work while you sit back with your feet up.

Lie in- You don’t have to get up and start your list of chores today so why not use this extra time and get some rest under your belt instead?

Sit out on the garden- The weeding and grass cutting can wait- just enjoy being outside and watching the world go by.

Happy National No Housework Day Everyone!


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