Constructive feedback can be great for improving your workflow and making a positive change- but what can you do if their comments feel less constructive and more critical? 51% of British workers say they wouldn’t be proud to tell others about their job. The team at CamNClimaxxx share some of the ways you can deal with people who insist on critiquing your career choice:

Listen to their point of view

Listen to their point of view

Listen to their point of view

Start by listening to their thoughts, they might have some well-meaning concerns that you can put to rest early on. Some criticism can give us the push we need to make improvements, but ensure they know that constructive comments are welcome, destructive are not.

Acknowledge their concerns

Let them know that you respect their opinion but that they needn’t worry- you have the situation under control and are happy with your career choice. If your chosen job is more unusual or in an industry that has a difficult reputation it can be a struggle for those around you to understand your choice because of their lack of knowledge in that field.

Take a few moments to tell them some positive aspects to your job

After acknowledging their concerns it can be helpful to share some of the positive aspects of your job that they might not already know. CamNClimaxxx operate in an industry where many view it as a negative job title. However, expressing a passion for such work may help others come around to the idea.

Let them know that their comments are hurtful

If they continue to share their negative views with you, ensure you tell them that their comments are hurtful- this is crucial in opening an honest line of communication. By staying quiet and not challenging them, you run the risk of it becoming a regular occurrence so nip it in the bud as soon as possible.

Let them know you are happy with your choice

Reassuring them of your happiness could be all that’s needed to put their criticism to bed. If not, they may need some time and information before accepting your choice.

Focus on putting your energies into your career

Channel your frustrations by putting your efforts into your new venture. Excelling in your new job will make you feel good and relieve stress.

Spend less time with those who are critical

By no means do you have to remove yourself permanently, but giving yourself some space from the person who is causing you to feel unhappy in your decisions can allow you both some time to think about the situation.

Don’t take it personally

Often the criticism comes from those closest to us, try to remember that their concerns come from a place of care.

Learn to accept it

Receiving criticism comes with some job roles more than others- learning to accept constructive criticism and challenge negativity is a skill worth mastering.

Make an effort to move on and forgive if necessary

If they are a family member or close friend, make the effort to talk it through and move on. Organise something you can do that will bring you back together and nurture a supportive atmosphere.

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