Forget about Paris! Las Vegas is hands-down the most romantic city in the world! Think about how many couples around the world head to Nevada each year to tie the knot.  Las Vegas makes the perfect location for a destination wedding. It could be because of its non-stop vibe, its thrilling energy, its 24/7 gambling entertainment, its incredible neon lights or its surrounding natural beauty.

Vegas at night

Vegas at night

Whatever the reason you choose to get married in Las Vegas in 2020, it’s good to know that there are some truly exotic spots in and around the city to make it legal.  Here are some of our favorites.

Under the Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Sign

The fabulous Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Sign is one of the most recognizable in the world and is synonymous with Sin City.  The sign has been used for millions of photo-ops over the years and could be the location of your dream wedding spot.

Getting married under the sign, with a wedding officiant performing the ceremony right there, has always been a favorite place for couples of all ages.  The classic sign makes a statement – “We’re spontaneous, we’re edgy, we love to love and live – and we’re ready to take on this adventure called marriage with two hands!”

No doubt, after your wedding, you’ll be heading to one of the scores of casinos on the Strip to try out your luck on the slot machines or roulette wheels.  Why not? If you’re getting married, luck is already on your side and you’ll want to cash in on that luck at the casino tables! You can warm up for free by playing free online casino games before the wedding and apply your newfound skills to your Vegas gambling spree.

The Las Vegas Strip

In the same vein as the Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Sign, you’ll find that many couples simply their favorite spot anywhere on the Las Vegas Strip and tie the know right there. The Strip provides a fantastic backdrop to a Vegas wedding. The neon lights, the lit-up buildings and the great architecture will ensure incredible photographs which you’ll be looking at for years to come.

Some of the more popular spots on the Las Vegas Strip favored by couples include the Eiffel Tower outside the Paris Hotel or the gazebo next to Caesars Palace

You can get married any time of the day, but we obviously recommend night-time, when the lights go on and the Strip is buzzing.

The Cosmopolitan

If you see yourself more of a post-modern romantic, head to one of the many hotels in Las Vegas. One of our favorites is The Cosmopolitan which is delightfully posh and modern. Many couples choose to marry at this hotel because of the incredible, eye-catching crystal chandelier in the Chandelier Lounge. This is a multi-story visual feat and has been described as an architectural wonder.  Since the chandelier is located in the Cosmopolitan’s famous bar, couples can also hold their wedding party right there. Nothing screams more exotic than this lounge with its elements of art exhibit, cocktail heaven and playground – all rolled into one!

The High Roller

For something wild and unpredictable, step into one of the High Roller pods at Caesars.  The High Roller tops out at 550 feet and is one of the tallest observation wheels in the world. In fact, it is more than 100 feet taller than the London Eye!  Up to 40 people can fit into a pod, making it the perfect venue for a private party. You can even order a bartender, complete with alcoholic beverages, to serve the party during the ride. Each pod ride is around 30 minutes – the just enough time to tie the knot and marvel at one of the most beautiful 360-degree views of Las Vegas together with your friends and loved ones.

The Venetian Hotel

If your dream has always been to get married in Venice, Italy but your pocket won’t allow it, then The Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas is your next best choice. The Venetian drips with class and romance and you can choose your wedding spot within the hotel itself. A favorite among couples is to hold a simple wedding within one of the stunning suites at the hotel. The classic furniture, art and architecture provide a breathtaking backdrop to a romantic-themed wedding. If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, you can also get married on a gondola – all within the grounds of the Venetian!

Spring Mountain Ranch

If you prefer something more rustic and you want nature to paint the palettes of your wedding pictures, then head to one of the many parks around Las Vegas.  The city is a stunning oasis in the Mojave Desert, but that that doesn’t mean that the desert itself needs to be avoided. In fact, some of the most picturesque spots can be found within the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area – a popular area for wedding ceremonies.

One of our favorite locations is the stunning Spring Mountain Ranch Park, complete with meadows, mountains and rustic nature.  Imagine holding your wedding in the wide open spaces of the park, large enough to hold as many guests as you choose to invite. There is something majestic and magical about saying your vows in a natural setting. Let the leaves rustling in the trees be your background music and the incredible colors Mojave sky sunsets be your chapel.