Whether you're working remotely or not, we all can agree that sometimes there are slow days at work. There's nothing much to be done, and you might find yourself mindlessly scrolling on your phone and waiting for the day to pass. 

4 Fun Things to Do in Your Free Time at Work

4 Fun Things to Do in Your Free Time at Work

But, you don't need to spend the rest of the day waiting for the next task. Actually, there are many fun things that you can do to pass the time from your desk. In this article, we have compiled a list of five fun ideas that you can do whenever you have free time on your hands. 

Play Games

The obvious fun choice is playing games. There are fanatic fun options that you can try out for free on your laptop or mobile device. If some of your coworkers are also free, you can challenge them and play trivia games, for example, or online board games. Of course, the choices are endless. 

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Most of us don't pay attention to our posture and are probably slouching over the laptop. Now that you have some extra time, you can boost your energy  and mood by doing some quick, simple exercises.

Also, you can try easy stretches for your shoulders and take a short walk. If you work from home, you can even squeeze in a short workout session. Afterward, you will definitely feel rejuvenated and relaxed.

Eat Mindfully

Healthy food
Healthy food

We all need an actual break from electronic devices, and mindfully eating your lunch is definitely a great way to accomplish this. Prepare yourself a nutritional meal and eat in silence without any notifications. If possible, eat outside and savor the fresh air and your delicious meal. You can also invite a friend, or call them if you're working remotely and enjoy your meal in a good company. 

Work on a Planner

This is a good option for anyone that enjoys planning. So, in case you want to be productive but still have fun, you can plan out your week or your day. It's even better if you have a paperback planner, as it will give you a break from your electronic devices and help you get a clear idea of your chores, and you can also use different highlighters and stickers. 

Moreover, a lot of studies have proved that people tend to complete their tasks from the to-do lists when they are written down. So, even if you don't have a fancy planner or a bullet journal, you can simply make a list of everything that needs to get done during your week.