For many people, finding inner confidence can be a struggle. We’ve all been there, standing in front of a class giving a speech, hosting an event or even doing your driving test; our insecurities can take over and make almost any event seem daunting. As a result, we often miss out on invaluable opportunities to make life-long memories as we continue to struggle with our self-esteem. However, a surprising way you can improve your confidence is by attending events which can help to rocket your self-esteem!

Attend seminars

Attend seminars

The event organisers at Rivenhall Golf Club have provided their expert knowledge on occasions that can boost confidence.

A ‘Posh Do’

Putting on your favorite outfit can immediately make you feel better about yourself. Regardless as to whether you are going by yourself or with a group of friends, walk into the venue with confidence and a smile. Feeling good has a strong correlation with being confident, so get out there and own it!

If there are limited events in your area, take the initiative and plan one. Talk to your friends and family and find a date that works for everyone.

Attend Seminars

I’m sure you’ve heard the odd motivational talk on Facebook or YouTube but if you pay close attention they really are great for your confidence. Hosted all around the world, visiting one couldn’t be easier, and most of them are free. Sometimes we need that extra boost from someone saying “Yes you can!” to help us nail that interview or complete a presentation.

Attending these events allow you to concentrate on your well-being. Many of your friends won’t know you’ve attended and when they next see you, they’ll be blown away. A confident you is the best you.

Handbag Nights

Sometimes the trick to growing confidence is learning from others. Watching their body language, the way they speak and how they address certain things without a care in the world always sets a great example. Rivenhall have recently planned an event for individuals to come and watch drag queen artists who are known to have a great deal of confidence. Taking a group of friends to events like these can act as a learning tool whilst also having the benefit of a great night out. Handbag nights can also interlink with the ‘posh do’ events, so why not dress up and begin the night with confidence, before learning from the best.

Comedy Clubs

Watching stand up performers is always a great laugh, but there’s more to them than you think. The nature of a comedy club is that the audience get picked on throughout the night and sometimes, if you’re the unlucky one, it can leave you feeling embarrassed. But looking beyond this, it can be a great way to sky-rocket your confidence. Being in the spotlight with everyone watching is a nerve-wracking moment, but if you buckle up the courage to either laugh along or give a funny comment back, it can make you feel so much more relaxed.


Networking is a great way to put yourself out there by talking to people you’ve never met before and the best part is that it can either be professional or non-professional. If you work for a company that attends networking events to meet other potential clients, always offer to go along. Self-confidence can be taught by repetition, so the more of these events you go to, the better you’ll be at talking to new people.

The term ‘networking’ can also come under more informal events such as speed dating or if you’re a student, attending social nights. The sooner you get out there to meet new people, the quicker your confidence will grow. There’s no question that it can be difficult at the start, but once those first few weeks have gone, you’ll be flying!

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