As you plan your girls’ night out, hen do, or birthday celebrations, you’ll inevitably be looking for something to do filled with lots of wine and cocktails. However, heading to the same bar or club that attracts the same crowd of people every time, might not be as exciting as it once was.

Wine tasting!

Wine tasting!

From decadent wine tastings to hilarious experience evenings, there isn’t anything off limits when it comes to a long-awaited girls’ night out. Part of the fun is doing something new and creating memories where you’d least expect! It’s time to take control of the planning reins, become a hero on your girls’ group chat and organise the best girls’ night out.

The event organisers at Rivenhall Oaks Pavilion know just how important it is to break the habit of repetitive evenings and events. Here are some of their tips to help you plan the ultimate girls’ night out, full of event ideas you wish you’d thought of sooner.

Activity bars

If playing a round of crazy golf with a gin and tonic in hand sounds like your kind of thing, then activity bars could be a great option for you. From board game cafes to ping pong bars, venues that incorporate activities with alcohol are definitely on the rise. If you’ve had enough of standing at a bar waiting to catch the bartender’s attention, activity bars are a great alternative that will get all the girls involved, but be careful, things may get competitive!

Comedy nights

Amateur comedy nights are an easy way to get everyone laughing. Whether you’re in a loud group who want to heckle or a quieter bunch that want to sit back and enjoy the show, there’s something for everyone. But don’t get too relaxed, these intimate events make it very easy to get picked on by the performer, so if you’re easily offended or don’t like attention, this may not be for you.

Fun classes

Trying something new that you’ve never done before can be great fun in a group. This could be cooking classes, pole dancing lessons or even a live drawing class, whatever you and your friends enjoy. You might even learn a new skill or take up a new hobby whilst having fun together.

Wine tasting

If you’re looking for a more sophisticated and potentially educational evening, wine tasting can be a great activity for your group to sit and discuss whilst drinking good wine. There are also alternative options for those who don’t drink wine, such as cocktail making lessons or distillery tours. Making alcohol and tasting alcohol, what’s not to love?

Dinner & a show

Whether you decide to go all out on a show in the West End or find something similar that’s local, having a whole night that is planned and organised for you can be the perfect entertainment for you and your girls. On the night there’s usually a performer who will entertain you for the evening, whilst you sit down for a meal and some drinks. Rivenhall Oaks for example, are holding an evening with drag act, Amanda Bang. Meaning guests can enjoy a mix of singing and comedy as they enjoy a three-course dinner, which sounds much tastier than a greasy kebab at 3am.

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