30th July 2018 marks World Friendship Day and according to research, dogs are a woman’s best friend.

They are dependable

They are dependable

The study of 1,000 UK pet owners by premium pet food experts Natures Menu’s, True Instinct, has revealed that almost half (47%) of the nation class their dog as their best friend. Our canine pals take top spot over our human friends, siblings and even our other halves!

So why do our pooches pip our other pals to the post when it comes to friendship?

Here are our top reasons why our dogs are our number one friends:

  • Had a good day? Had a bad day? It’s doesn’t matter to our pets, no matter what time you walk through the door they’re always wagging their tail and happy to see us.
  • They are dependable. Who can you rely on more than your dog to cuddle on the sofa, have an evening in or a fun filled day out? Your pooch’s plans revolve around you and whatever you are in the mood for.
  • Whether it’s a break up or a bad day at work, whatever life throws at you, dogs are great listeners and can be the perfect comfort blanket whenever you need them.
  • What’s more fun than owning a pet? Chasing balls, performing tricks and most of all just being downright cute. No one can put a smile on your face like our canine friends.
  • They don’t judge. Older siblings can preach, partners can nag and friends can judge, but your dog never does this. Their love is unconditional making them the perfect pal to be your best friend.

The study also revealed our top activities to do together with our dogs, which include:

  1. Going for a walk (46%)
  2. Cuddling them (21%)
  3. Finding new places to explore (10%)
  4. Playing games with them (10%)
  5. Watching TV together (9%)

So, with World Friendship Day just around the corner on 30th July 2018, why not choose your favourite activity to do with your canine companion and celebrate together!

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