Sleep and morning habits play a big part in our mental and physical wellbeing, so perfecting your own routine could do wonders for your productivity throughout the day. Trends in mindfulness and health show that we are a nation increasingly looking to improve our lives and be more conscious. So, a few simple changes when you wake up could be just the thing needed to start improving your life.

Ruth Kudzi

Ruth Kudzi

As part of bathstore’s, Morning Routines Matter campaign, they’ve teamed up with Ruth Kudzi, a specialist life coach who has provided her tips and advice to make the most out of your morning, setting you up for the rest of the day.

Ruth Kudzi Coaching specialises in helping aspiring entrepreneurs to build service-based businesses, by helping her clients develop an effective mindset and strategy through coaching and mentoring.

Ruth’s Morning Routine Dos & Don’ts

Do - drink a glass of water first thing in the morning to rehydrate

Don’t - snooze your alarm

Do - get into the habit of planning out your day or try reading a book, even for a short while

Don’t – use electronic devices or emails until you are fully awake

Do – keep your bedroom for sleeping, remove any technology or unnecessary distractions

Don’t – procrastinate, focus on the most important tasks first so you get these done

Do - exercise early in the day is great for you both mentally and physically

Don’t – underestimate bathroom time, freshen up and meditate

Routines That Work

The most important thing is to find a routine that works for you. Not everyone has time to exercise in the morning and others claim checking emails before breakfast is their worst nightmare. Testing out different techniques means you can tailor a routine that is the most productive and enjoyable for you.

Emily Cohen, a yoga teacher, PT, and health consultant finds that exercise is key to her success in a morning. “Move well and eat well” are words Emily lives by. She stays active throughout the morning wherever she can, whether that’s stretches in the shower or cycling to meet her first clients. She always has a glass of water before starting her day to stay hydrated and has found a breakfast routine that works for her schedule, keeping her energy levels high throughout the rest of the day.

As a trainer Emily is able to pack lot of exercise into her morning however, simple additions to her routine such as stretching in the shower and cycling to work are things that most people could squeeze into their schedules with a little planning and consideration.

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