There are people that go through life struggling to get things done and never really prioritising their workload… and then there are people that make lists.

8 things you only know if you’re obsessed with writing lists

8 things you only know if you’re obsessed with writing lists

Being a serial list-maker is one of the most underrated healthy habits in the universe. Sure, waking up at 5am and chucking back healthy green juices might seem more virtuous on Instagram, but those who rely on scribbled pieces of scrap paper to get through life know that a well-executed list is basically a road-map to success.

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List-making isn't just a necessity to you though, it's a fine art that you've perfected over the years. Writing things down and crossing them off one-by-one sets your soul on fire, and frankly, we don't blame you.

Here are a few key things that all list obsessives will probably be able to relate to…

1. A completed list is your happy place

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Working out what needs to be done and in what order is all well and good, but it's nothing compared to the dopamine hit you get from crossing out the last thing on your list.

Even if the rest of your life feels like total utter chaos, seeing your beautiful page of completed tasks fills you with a deep sense of calm and relaxation.

2. You often put things on your list…. just to cross them off immediately

The addiction to ticking things off your list often leads you to add things that you've already done, just so you can sneakily enjoy the satisfaction of scribbling them out. Wake up in the morning? Check.

3. You invest heavily in your notepads and stationary

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In your eyes, people who make lists on the back of their hand, or worse – bits of random receipts – are setting themselves up for all kinds of failure.

As a pro in the game, you know a proper list-maker has the right tools at their disposal. Well, that's what you tell yourself every time you spend a fortune on pens, notebooks, highlighters and stickers.

4. You can't make a big decision about anything without consulting your list

Most people trust their gut when it comes to decision-making, but you trust your lists.

Whether it's deciding on a house move, mulling over a break-up or wondering where to go next with your career, you simply can't form an opinion unless you've drawn up a pros and cons list.

5. You can't get on board with list-making apps

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The haters in your life have tried to tell you about how convenient apps are. Sure, they might be better for the environment, more secure and less likely to get destroyed by spilled cups of tea, but you really shudder at the thought of going 'digital'.

For you, part of the therapy in making lists is putting pen to paper and methodically writing it all out, by hand. We'll stick to our overpriced notebooks, thank you very much.

6. Losing your list is the worst thing that could happen to you

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It sounds melodramatic, but losing your list feels like a death in the family.

7. Your bags and pockets are filled with old lists

It's becoming quite the problem for your poor washing machine. Every time stick a pair of jeans in the wash, you find the soggy remnants of a list in your back pocket.

8. You can't understand how people get things done without a list

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You often wonder at those who haphazardly stumble through life trying to prioritise everything using their brainpower alone.

You sometimes envy their unabashed chaoticness and wonder if you should adopt some of their breezy attitude, but then you go a morning without your lists and remember just how much you need organisation to survive.

Even though it might be bordering on a bit obsessive, list-making makes you a better parent, friend, flatmate or partner, and you wouldn't sacrifice that for anything.