Chances are, you have already heard about AI but, how familiar are you with the technology? What many of us do not realise is that, although AI is still fairly new in the tech industry but, many of us are already using it – and maybe even relying on it – in everyday life. Keep reading to find out more.

Female First

Female First

Face Recognition

One of the ways that AI technology is already used in our everyday life is through facial recognition devices. If you have a smartphone, you will be familiar with facial and fingerprint recognition when unlocking your phone, paying through your phone, or when it comes to installing apps. This uses AI tech that has been adapted within the smartphone industry.


Another way that AI is already being used in everyday life is in the business world. Businesses are coming a lot more up to date with technology, especially when it comes to using AI. From speeding up processes and systems to using robots in warehouses, these are some of the ways that AI is being used in businesses in 2020. Investors and philanthropists such as Tej Kohli and many others are investing in AI technology at the moment, and many other big companies and entrepreneurs are expected to follow suit.

Smart Devices

The next way that AI is already used in our everyday life is through smart devices. Smart devices like Alexa and Siri are used a lot in everyday life as they can help you complete your day to day task all by talking through the device and asking it to do certain things like set alarms, timers, listen to music and more. This is still a work in progress, so you will be able to expect some other smart devices like this in the future with more features thanks to AI.

Social Media

Social media is extremely useful for a number of reasons in 2020 and it is becoming more advanced every single day. Some use it for keeping in touch with family or friends while others use it to market their business.  AI is used in social media as it is used to personalise your experience when it comes to what you see, friend suggestions and much more. Social Media is used by millions of people around the world so, you will be able to expect some new great things from social media in the upcoming years.

Keep This Information in Mind

As you can see, you probably use a lot of AI technology every day without even realising. AI is becoming more and more advanced through the years so, you can expect to see this appearing much more often. As AI becomes more developed, big companies and smaller enterprises will understand the potential that it really has.