Office chairs with armrests are by far the norm, with at least 9 out of 10 offices equipped with armed chairs. Armed chairs are very popular and, almost certainly, always the most preferred chairs for office purposes.

This preference is often not particularly about the advantages of armed chairs but rather about what people are used to – what they have come to naturally see as the standard for office usage.

Armed chairs are truly great options for office use because they help to maintain a natural spine position (by providing support to shoulders, neck, and upper torso) as well as ensure a good seating posture.

Armless Office Chairs Vs Office Chairs with Armrests

Armless Office Chairs Vs Office Chairs with Armrests

Despite the acceptance and popularity of armed office chairs among many, few people prefer the other option, armless office chairs.

Armless office chairs have certain features and a range of flexibility that is not possible with armed chairs. It is a great alternative for office usage because of the following benefits:

Easy Movement and Versatility

Though office chairs with armrests provide support for key body parts and are especially good for people who sit for long hours in front of a computer or at their office desk, they are often restrictive especially when your work involves a wide range of movement in and out of the chair.

On the other armless chairs are designed to accommodate quick movements hence giving room to versatility. With armless chairs, you can easily move from one seating style to another and you will enjoy many seating styles.

Better Space Management

One of the key advantages of the design of armless chairs is space management. They are designed to save space hence are perfect for work environments where space is an issue.

When not in use, armless chairs can be easily and neatly tucked into desks and tables, unlike chairs with armrests that often take quite a lot of room despite not appearing bulky. Several armless chairs can be placed side by side to accommodate more people, a factor which makes it perfect for waiting rooms or reception areas.

Cost Advantage or Budget-friendly

When business is mentioned, issues around cost and profit will definitely be in the room. A key benefit of acquiring armless chairs for office usage is that it is usually cheaper than chairs with armrests. The reason for the cost differences is not farfetched; it has nothing to do with inferiority, it is rather because of the use of fewer materials (frame supports, fabric, and upholstery) in their production. If the daily activities on the job involve a wide range of movements in and out of the chair, then you may want to save costs by acquiring armless chairs.

Common fears about armless chairs

·         Provision of support: one of the biggest fears regarding the use of armless chairs in offices especially by those who sit for long hours is the provision of support for shoulders, neck, and upper torso. This fear is expected given the wide range of pain problems caused by long sitting hours. However, armless chairs are no problem at all because it’s targeted at ensuring quick movements in and out of the chair hence they are perfect for any work that requires versatility.

·         Seating posture: armrests contribute greatly to the maintenance of proper seating posture. However, this does not in any way imply that you cannot have proper seating posture in armless chairs. All you need to do is to master how to strike good posture in armless chairs.

Key aspects in office chairs

Armrests are not always necessary parts of office chairs. For example, works that require a wide range of movement and versatility do not require armrests as it will in fact be a hindrance rather than an advantage. However, certain features are must-have in office chairs, they include:

·         Full backrest: sitting for long hours puts a lot of pressure or strain on the back muscles hence it is vital to get adequate support to minimize the pressure on the back. Chairs with full backrest are necessary to avoid any potential body aches that will affect the health of users hence the productivity and ultimately the revenue. Therefore, do not try to save costs by getting a chair without full backrest as you will eventually lose more than you can buy. The backrest should also curve in a manner that naturally supports the alignment of the body.

·         Moveable seat pan: seat pans are key aspects of office chairs. They contribute greatly to the comfortability as well as play significant roles in providing back support. Seat pans should be soft and have a waterfall front. The waterfall front will ensure proper positioning of the knee, hip, and ankle. It should also be moveable as this will help to support the back.

·         Adjustability: adjustability is a very important feature in office chairs, one because there is no one-fits-all and two because a level of flexibility is required. The level of adjustability offered by several office chairs varies greatly with some offering up to 14 adjustment positions; a good office will have at least up and down adjustments as well as side to side adjustments. This allows users to enjoy a level of flexibility in their movements such as tilting backward.

 Armless Office Chairs Vs Office Chairs with Armrests

Having discussed the benefits of armless office chairs as well as key features in office chairs, I would like to close on the note of the never-ending controversy between the use of office chairs with armrests and armless chairs. This controversy is a long-standing one and is probably one of the most discussed. Opinions on the matter vary greatly, even among experts. However, having used both chairs as well as received several experts' opinions, it has become obvious that there is no basis for controversy.

The choice between armless chairs and chairs with armrests should be strictly determined by the peculiarities of the job. If the job requires a lot of quick movement and versatility, then armless chairs are better alternatives. On the other hand, a more sedentary job requires chairs with armrests because of the better general support it provides. Chairs with armrests are also generally better for computer usage.


Though may not be as conventional as chairs with armrests, armless office chairs are excellent alternatives with myriads of advantages – versatility, budget-friendly, and better space management. If you are looking to get office chairs with these features, then armless chairs fit the bill. Both armless chairs and chairs with armrests have merits and demerits, hence the decision should be based on the general and peculiar needs of your workplace. General needs include consideration for the health of users while peculiar needs could include a high level of versatility and a higher need for space management.