Find out what the month of August has in store for you...

What will August bring?

What will August bring?


If you collect something- this is the month to devote some time to your accumulation. Perhaps you have neglected your hobby or interest of late and it’s now appropriate to return to it.

August is all about family for you. If life has got in the way of quality time with your loved ones- make sure you set aside some precious moments for them and most importantly- have fun but play fair! Your predisposition for diplomacy might come in handy while you are with them.


This month is about using your eyes and paying closer attention to what is going on around you. Examine things more carefully and look for the individuality in people, places and things.

You are naturally a good leader so use this skill to prevent people from deceiving you as there are some people who are out to muddy the waters.


Remember that you are stable on your own and you should be credited for your hard work. Don’t let others take that away from you if you have achieved something by yourself- enjoy the rewards and the recognition.

Don’t take for granted if things are going peachy for you this month. It might not last but enjoy it while life is good as it won’t last forever.


This month is all about chatting with people you trust about your innermost feelings. Perhaps you need to get something off your chest that has been buried for a while.

You have quick witted humour, but you often use this to cover up how you are really feeling. It might be time to be more honest with yourself.

You need to have greater awareness regarding your romantic life in August too. Perhaps the person you need to be talking to is your partner. Or maybe you need to open up more to potential dates and let them see your more vulnerable side.


For you- August is a time for letting happiness come your way. Try not to be sensitive to it and let it comes as it sees fit. There is nothing wrong with feeling happy and content so don’t over analyse it.

You might be feeling more domesticated this month so if you want to spend more time at home just go with the flow.

You aren’t particularly open to people kidding around so if someone makes a joke at your expense- it might be wise to tell them that they’ve taken things too far.


It’s important to show others your compassionate side this month as there are people around who need your support.

Be careful not to squeeze them too hard or make them feel uncomfortable- just let them know you are there for them.

Your dreamy nature might encourage you to miss the signs so try to keep your head out of the clouds.


The perfectionist in you might be tested this month as people try and do things out of sequence- it might do you some good to go with it and see how you feel to come out of your comfort zone for a while. Life may not be as clean and tidy as you’d like but sometimes a little mess can be a result of the most fun.

If people close to you are being childish, this might also go against your need to be in an organised environment. Try not to take it personally as they may simply be gearing up to something they are excited about.


Financially- things may all be looking good for you this month- everything is in the black and you have rid yourself of your debts. Try not to fall into the habit of being mysterious with your spending- or indeed allowing someone else to. Remember, it has been an intense few months to get you to this point so don’t fall back into old ways.

August is also about protecting yourself from potential harm. Avoid people who bring you down, places that don’t inspire you and activities that bring you no joy.


This month is all about putting the drama and flamboyances aside and seeking peace and quiet. There is a time and place for more extreme reactions and now is not it. Try to enjoy the calm before the storm while it lasts.

This attitude will help you to stay safe as things might be getting a little out of hand if you have been spending time with the wrong people and engaging in detrimental activities.


Your ambition and drive will help you to stay alert this month for the challenges it will bring.

Be aware of any dangers that are headed your way and keep focused on what it is you want. This determination will help you to power through the difficulties and get you to where you want to be.


Your adventurous side is begging to be let out this month. You want to do something you never have before- to try new things and log another experience in your long to do list.

By doing this you might find likeminded people who have the same keen interest in knowledge, reality and existence so be open to new faces and personalities.


You are preparing for something this month and your collaborative nature is key here as you need help into order to set yourself up sufficiently for the task at hand.

Call upon your friends to help out and you will enjoy the process all the more as you are most comfortable when you are sharing your time with others.

With that said- make sure you use your backbone if people try and take over. This is your baby after all.

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