International Coach & Master NLP Trainer, Lenka Lutonska, will launch her first book, ‘Energetic Selling and Marketing’,in London on Friday 22 March at an event where panellists will discuss how supporting women in business, could revitalise the UK economy.

Selling and Marketing

Selling and Marketing

Born in Slovakia, Lenka moved to the UK at the age of 19 and while she only had pennies in her pockets, it was a dream to change the world that led her to success. While she started her working life on the shop floor of McDonald’s, today she is one of Europe’s leading business coaches, helping women to turn their passion for making a difference into thriving, multiple six and seven figure businesses.

In the book, Lenka shares the powerful principles she has developed while coaching clients, but reveals to readers that tactics and strategies alone do not create extraordinary results, and asks them to take a deeper, more energetic approach to growing their businesses. Readers learn that if they improve their mindset and communication techniques, their sales and marketing strategies will be transformed, and substantial growth will follow.

Lenka says, “The premise of energetic selling is that you let your energy sell and open yourself up to the ideas, clients, opportunities and results that go way beyond the realm of predictability and logic.I know that doing this takes steely determination and self-belief, so when Lady Gaga talked at the Oscars about working hard for a dream and never, ever giving up, I thought back to the days cleaning tables and clearing away burger wrappers and can see there is change in the air and I hope that in the future women can be the entrepreneurs they deserve to be, and this will be for the good of them and the wider economy.”

She adds, “I am thrilled to be launching my first book, but this didn’t happen overnight and certainly isn’t down to good luck or favours. I believe that while many women want to succeed, feelings of imposter syndrome and self-doubt stop them in their tracks. When you have a paralysing inner voice that tells you that you aren’t good enough, this will hold you back, so I work with women to take away that fear of failure, I get them to discover their own voice and grab the opportunities that are out there so they can grow a business that feeds their soul and bank account in equal measures.

With a foreword by CEO Penny Power, OBE, this book is an essential read for any female entrepreneur who wants to open their minds to the possibility of extraordinary growth and create lasting and aligned business success.

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