On the second day of May what will the stars be bringing your way?

What do the stars have in store for you today?

What do the stars have in store for you today?


Someone is trying to invade your privacy today, so use your powers of logic and try to figure out why to stop them in their tracks.


You may receive a sweet deal today but be sure that it delivers everything it says it will and don’t be gullible.


You are praying something will go right today and it will so long as you’re not too outspoken and tactless which is often your downfall.


You need to breathe life into something in your waking hours which you have in your power if you harness your strong work ethic.


You are trying to find reason in something someone has said or done at present. But try not to be too judgemental as their actions might be justified.


You want some assurances from those that matter that the things you have been promised as going to be delivered. Try not to come across as moody about the issue or you will be les likely to get what you want.


You are business focused today so embrace your leadership skills to get things moving and people engaged. Be careful not to be too aggressive in your approach as this will put the brakes on the project.


You’re feeling a little wild today, which isn’t normally like you. Has someone rubbed off on you? Be kind to yourself and not too critical of this feeling- you are entitled to act out of character sometimes.


You are paying more attention to your surroundings today and feeling a sense of peace as you do. Don’t let it encourage you to be lazy however, it’s not an excuse to take your foot off the pedal.


You crave intimacy right now, so it might be time to share this with your partner if they aren’t picking up on the signals.


You are on the market for something new- you crave change and today could be the beginning of the next chapter of your life. Just don’t fall foul of your flaky nature and commit to it.


Lift your head up from the screen and put your materialistic desires to one side- your family needs you today.

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