It’s the third day of May, so what good fortune will come your way?

3rd May

3rd May


Today you need to be the architect of your own life- you need to make things happen by planning them well. Any short cuts and it will all come crashing down on top of you.


You may be tempted to brush things under the rug today but resist- deal with it now and it will save you trouble later down the line.


You have some hurdles to overcome today- but don’t lose faith- you have the tools in your chest to get over this bumpy road.


Take some time in the outdoors today- you will find the answer you have been looking for if you do.


Someone in your life needs reassurance today and you are the person to give it to them so offer them support and a listening ear when they approach.


You may feel like you are in the wrong shoes today- but it will take time to get used to this new change in your life. The shoes will start to fit more comfortably- just give them time.


Something doesn’t feel quite right today- you don’t feel ‘normal’ whatever normal looks like for you. Don’t be afraid of this- sometimes shifting out of our comfort zones is a necessary experience.


You feel slightly heroic today after rescuing someone in a sticky spot, although it’s admirable what you’ve done- don’t let it go to your head.


The middle of the day is a key time for you reflect and to recuperate before something important in the afternoon. If you prepare yourself adequately at this time you will do just fine.


You need more space today. You are feeling stifled and need to distance yourself from others or a situation that makes you feel uncomfortable. Once you do you will feel much better.


Someone will be warm towards you today when you least expect and it will restore your faith in humanity.


Today will go relatively smoothly for you and will make you grateful for the easier times as they don’t come often.

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