Today will see the largest number of new divorce enquiries, research reveals, with financial pressure, domestic responsibilities and extended family tensions cited as the main factors.

Today is when the largest amount of divorce enquiries take place

Today is when the largest amount of divorce enquiries take place

The new survey, commissioned by Slater and Gordon, looks into the contributing factors that lead to the highest number of separation demands, just one week after the start of the New Year. Just under four in ten (37%) say financial pressures are the biggest challenge their marriage faces, while 22% say most of the arguments they have with their partner are centred on money.

Tensions often run high over Christmas, with increased responsibilities and people to please, however the data also suggests many underlying issues that bubble under the surface, bottlenecking throughout December and early January.

Of the married respondents quizzed, 27% said they had kept some kind of cheating activity (kissing, one night stand or a full-on affair) hidden from their partner, with some remaining silent for over ten years (7%).

Further, 8% said they are likely or very likely to sleep with someone else in 2018 and with 33% admitting they never speak about their relationship issues with anyone, including their partner, it’s easy to see how these stresses explode soon after Christmas.

Similarly, the rise of requests immediately after Christmas may suggest a ‘sticking with it for now’ attitude as a quarter (25%) who have considered leaving said they don’t because they worry for their children, 24% were worried about losing their home and 21% didn’t want to be alone.

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