By Sarah Beaumont, entrepreneur and founder of ColourWheel art classes

Sarah Beaumont

Sarah Beaumont

I trudged the corporate treadmill in HR for over 20 years until, due to a corporate takeover, I was made redundant for the third time!  I decided enough was enough and, after a year’s planning, I started my own business and work for myself.  Now I love how I earn a living and these are my 10 reasons why I believe this is so important;

I am happy – don’t under estimate this, it impacts not only you but everyone around you. If you’re happy it rubs off on your family, friends and colleagues, who are more likely to be happy too.

I am less stressed – yes I still get stressed out occasionally but this comes from me wanting to do a great job, not from a boss who is in a bad mood!

It’s better for my health – I am a firm believer that less stress equals a longer life and that stress can be a killer not just shaving years off your life.  People who love their jobs have less risk of weight gain, relationship troubles, serious illness and mental health problems, according to the Mayo Clinic, Arizona.

I am more effective at what I do – in my long HR experience I found that people who are happy in their jobs are more productive; they get things done.

Life is too short not to love your job - we spend over a third of our whole lives working.  This is a very large chunk of the time we spend on the earth, too much not to love how this time is spent.

Focus - when you are happy at your job you are more likely to be effective. If you’re not worrying about the things that are wrong with your job you are able to make better decisions as you are only focusing on what is important, the thing in front of you, not the dissatisfaction in your life.

Better customer service delivery - when you love your job that comes across when you interact with your customers. If you are happy with your position it’s not hard work to try and make sure that your customers are happy too, as they are more likely to believe in what you are offering.

Look younger for longer – Don’t you find happiness gives us a glow? And glowing is something that young people do naturally. Hating your job can surely only give you grey hair and a permanent frown line. (Smiling also gives us wrinkles but somehow these are just charming.)

Work is not just work - our world has changed, no one works 9 to 5 anymore.  We are all digitally connected.  Our email sits on the dresser next to our beds piling up in our inbox while we sleep, (or try to).  We are not just able to leave our work at the office, we bring it home with us. So if work is crossing over with home / family / relaxation time, it figures that should be making us happy.

You’ll be more successful – it stands to reason that if you love your job you will put more into it and get more in return. In my case, my own business is thriving because it doesn’t feel like an effort to put the work in to make it thrive. By the same token, if you’re employed, your colleagues and managers are bound to see that you are giving it your all; a great basis for climbing the career ladder. 

When you add up all the reasons that it’s important to love your job you can see that, even in just a small way, you have made the world a better, happier and more productive place.


Sarah Beaumont was a senior HR manager for over 20 years.  She has since founded ColourWheel Art Classes, which offers accessible, fun and creative art classes to people who would really love to draw and paint but don’t think they can! The understanding of people that Sarah gained in her previous career is being applied in a business that makes her – and her colleagues and customers - happy!

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