A first date can be very nerve-wracking. There’s a chance you haven’t met them before, you don’t know what they like and don’t like, and most importantly, you want to ensure you make an excellent first impression.

Finding Love: Great Ideas For The Perfect First Date

Finding Love: Great Ideas For The Perfect First Date

Fear not, though; a first date doesn’t have to be a stressful event; it can be very calm and relaxing and allow you both to open up and let your guard down. Here are some fun first date ideas for that special occasion. 

A museum is an excellent place for a first date for a couple of reasons. It is usually relatively quiet, there is no need to rush as they are often so big you want to make sure you see everything, and it’s a chance to discuss several different topics. 

Visit a Museum

Go to a Market

Similar to a museum but with a different vibe, a market is a place to explore and discuss whatever you come across. It is far more casual than a fine-dining restaurant or something similar as you can walk around, have a coffee and enjoy your surroundings. 

Visit a Botanical Garden

A botanical garden is another calm and relaxed place for a date, combined with the chance to do something a bit romantic and surprise your date. You can bring a picnic with some great snacks and drinks and watch the world go by. 

Visit a Clay Cafe

If you want to do an activity that allows you to get a bit artsy and dirty, a clay cafe is the place for you. Most offer drinks and light meals, and you can sit and create your masterpiece, laugh and have an all-round good time. It’s also a perfect setup for a second date as you will have to go back and paint what you created. 

Pub Quiz Night

A pub quiz is a way to spice up the usual, sometimes dull, dinner date. You can still have good food and drinks, but adding a quiz allows you to be a bit competitive, find out more about each other, and maybe win a little prize at the end. 


If you like to let loose a bit, karaoke is a brilliant way to break the ice almost instantly. Being able to laugh at yourself and have a good time is not only almost universally attractive, but it stops all awkwardness practically in its tracks. 

Go to a Show

You want to avoid going somewhere where you can’t talk, but a show is another way to break the ice without having to do it yourself. You don’t have to worry about saying the wrong thing or thinking about what to say; just talk about what you’re watching, easy. Bonus point if it’s a show where you can get involved, maybe sing along or something similar. 

Attend a Sporting Event

If you are a huge sports fan and you’re lucky enough to be going on a date with someone who supports the same team or likes the same sport, buying tickets to a game is a no-brainer. There will be excitement, tons to talk about, and unless your team gets badly beaten, it will be fun from start to finish. 

Cooking Class

Instead of going out for dinner, attend a cooking class and spend a few hours making it yourself. Not only will the date end with a delicious meal, but you’ll learn some skills and techniques that will allow you to cook dinner for the second date; it’s a win-win. 

Drive-In Movie

Going to a movie on a first date should be avoided, simply because you can’t talk to each other, but a drive-in is a way not only to see a film, but you can chat, laugh, and not have to worry about bothering anyone. Plus, you can bring your food, and it’s another chance for a picnic. 

Do a Restaurant Crawl

If you are a foodie and like to try meals at new restaurants, a restaurant crawl could be for you. Going from restaurant to restaurant trying out their desserts, for instance, is another twist on the usual dinner or lunch outing, and your date will probably be quite surprised with how unique it is. 

Take a Class Together

Learning a new skill can only be a good thing, but doing it with a date is even more fun. A dance class, for instance, is a great way not only to get close to your date, but you’re doing something that isn’t too intimate. If it doesn’t work out, knowing how to dance is a great skill to have. 

Do Volunteer Work

If you both like to give back to those in need or your community, a day of volunteer work could be an unusual date for you. You can help at an animal shelter, cook meals for the homeless, or just choose a beach and go pick up some litter; either way, you’re doing something good and spending quality time together. 

Anything at the Beach

The beach offers a plethora of date options. You can go swimming, have a picnic, watch the sunset, play some beach games, or just hang out. There are usually restaurants nearby if you want a break from the sun and surf, and it’s an easy way to spend a few hours together. 

Brunch or Lunch

If you go out for a meal on a date, many often assume that it isn’t really a date if it isn’t dinner. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Having brunch or lunch gives you a chance to do something afterwards if it goes well, and it’s a twist on the usual date format.

A Walk

Sometimes the best dates are the simplest ones. While a walk may seem boring, it is quiet, relaxing, and gives you the chance to talk and take in your surroundings. Extra points if the walk is somewhere very pretty, like along the coastline or in a forest.