Student culture is changing; with recent data showing that 1 in 5 students now identify as teetotal, and a surge in demand for alcohol-free and quieter student accommodation, there is now a broader range of places to live for students who might thrive better in a calmer environment.  



The UK’s first ever accredited ‘Quieter Halls’ of residence have been launched with a student accommodation search engine, Student halls must meet a set of criteria to be labelled as quieter, which were developed with one of the UK’s leading GPs and student health and wellness experts, to make it easier for students to find the best place for them

But how exactly can a quieter retreat for students make all the difference? We look at the the seven benefits of living in quieter student digs:

Sleep - It goes without saying that sleep plays a vital role in health and wellbeing. Especially important for students, sleep is incredibly important for memory, and learning. Whilst it can be tempting to spend all the night in the library or up partying, being able to retreat to a quiet space will help improve sleep quality and ensure the best mental and physical health, as well as academic performance

Mental Wellness - Defined as a state of wellbeing, mental wellness should be at the forefront of anyone’s priorities; particularly for students navigating the stress of studying. The criteria for the Quieter Halls accreditation was put together by  student wellness expert, Dr Dominique Thompson, who in 2018 worked as part of the Student Mental Health Services Task Group to bring national guidance between the NHS and universities in providing insight into the importance of supporting students with finding living spaces that align best to their wellbeing.

Privacy - With the likes of double-glazed windows and an overall sense of calm,  quieter student halls will make you feel like you haven’t even left home- without the intrusion of others.

Physical health - Athletes are often more regimented with their sleep routine to ensure optimum performance, and this means being in a quieter environment without distraction. It’s not just athletes either- the more health conscious amongst us will see the value in how extra shut-eye can have us hitting our personal best in the gym.

Study focus - With communal spaces for quiet study, it’s no surprise that this supercharges the ability to concentrate. No longer distracted by loud music, nattering, and noisy roads, quieter accommodation can help students ace their studies, too.