Whether you’re heading to the sunny climes  of Majorca, or crossing the ocean to The States, it’s fair to say you’ll be taking a smart device. The real question is, how often do you set aside time to see what apps you can download in advance that could actually save you money while you’re abroad?

Want to save money while you're abroad?

Want to save money while you're abroad?

By scoping out and downloading all your apps before you take off off you can make sure you don’t make the classic holidaying mistake of having no other option than sticking  to the tourist trail which is unfulfilling and also likely to be more expensive.  If you are looking to ditch your usual diet and try out some local dishes or maybe you just want to save some cash, travel apps can make your holidays cheaper and easier.  

Emma Coulthurst of TravelSupermarket said: “You’ve booked your holiday, car hire and sorted your extras like travel insurance and airport parking. But one other way in which you could save yourself both time and money is by doing some research on the best apps for the destination which you’re heading to. Apps can help you find the best restaurants to eat at and the best activities to do while you’re there. Download any apps before you leave for the airport to save on your data allowance.”

There are countless apps for IOS and Android and it can be hard to know where to start… But, if you want to get out and explore your new surroundings Travel Supermarket has come up with 5 must-have apps to pack along with your swim suit and sun tan lotion for your holiday this year.

My Canarian Guide: Known as guachinches, find local restaurants in your area that will save you money and let you experience the food of the people, they also offer discount prices for excursions. 


Mallorca Runaway: Experience the best that Majorca has to offer without paying a guide. Mallorca Runaways offers a full guide with more than 1000 points of interest in the city including cultural places, establishments, and events... with reviews, comments and full descriptions.


Triposo: Heading to Turkey? Travel Turkey guide by Triposo the goes through millions of websites, and reviews to give you the most unique recommendations for restaurants, hotels and activities.


DisneyFL: If you have ever been to a Disney theme park anywhere in the world, you know that the only thing that is stopping you having the best experience is having to stand in queues. Disney FL will give you wait times for all the rides, along with giving you the best lines to wait in to save the most amount of time.


Packpoint: Packing is already stressful, but it’s even worse when you have activities like golf, hiking, or swimming planned. Packpoint will help you organize what you need to pack on your holiday based on the number of the days, weather, and activities. https://www.packpnt.com/

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