A lot of students in hundreds of colleges are willing to become popular among classmates and their college friends. If you are one of them, you need to know that you can achieve a goal. All you need is to take certain steps. If you aren’t beautiful enough, can’t feel relaxed, and have a lack of charm, it's still possible to be attractive. We have collected a set of simple rules to get popular in college.

Student advice

Student advice

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

This step is most important for shy young people who dream of becoming popular. Take a step to get out of your comfort zone, even if you are an incurable introvert. Practice shows that it works! Get other people’s interests, let them feel important, tell a funny story, inspire your classmates to join you, and do something unexpected together. Be nice and friendly to those who want to contact you. However, it's better to stay away from people who got used to manipulating others for their benefit.

Be Your True Self

Pretending to be someone else, you'll be in constant stress. We aren't sincere when we try to please others, justifying others' expectations, and people can notice our insincerity quickly. And vice versa, by being who we are, we allow our natural talents to reveal themselves, and it attracts other people, making us popular.

Be Good-Hearted

Learn to be generous in your relationship with others and to forget their little mistakes. People around you will appreciate your positive view of the world. It's a vital thing to build a new style. If we find a way to appreciate others' dignity, they will be very pleased with our generosity.

Develop Your Sense of Humor

To gain popularity, we have to appreciate ourselves, but avoid being too serious. Humor is one of the essential attributes that people all over the world cherish. According to psychologists, humor is one of the most important qualities that influence a soul partner's choice. A good joke will help to create the right atmosphere in communication.

Learn Listening to Others

No matter what your logic may dictate you, listening to other people is essential to win their hearts. To be popular, learn to listen and understand their ideas, questions, problems, and feelings. People like talking about themselves and what makes your mind work. Try to put your person you talk to in a good mood and pay attention to him during the dialogue. In the future, it will pay off.

Take Care of Yourself

Physical attractiveness will also help you to gain popularity. Take care of your skin, nails, and hair. Go over some fashion magazines or consult a person who is in fashion to get dressed stylishly. Do some sports and keep a healthy diet to look good and maintain your spiritual comfort. Even though you feel you lack of time, consider an opportunity to pay someone to do your homework to have a little time for yourself.

Find a Hobby

Get involved in a fun and interesting thing. You might use your hobby to attract attention and interest. Look through a bunch of activities and pick up the most interesting one, whether it's dancing or fighting, and try to achieve success. The result will be a motivation to share your achievements with your peers.

Move Towards Your Goal in Peace

People usually draw attention to those who have a strong character, honesty, kindness, and patience. In fact, these ideals are more often spoken about than possessed. We often meet people who talk about what others should do. It would be much better for these critics to focus on their own behavior and actions than lecture others. The secret of popularity is, to be honest with yourself and keep doing what you need to achieve positive outcomes.