If your son, daughter, niece, nephew, cousin, sibling, friend or colleague is off to university this year and you are unsure what to buy them- here are a few ideas that all students are bound to love!

A book voucher

A book voucher

Food: All students need to stock up their cupboards once they leave home for the first time and must fend for themselves. A great gift is a selection of the store cupboard basics like pasta, rice, tinned goods and jars- things that can be cooked up in a jiffy. If you want to make these items gift-worthy, a hamper is the ideal way to make them look pretty.

Shopping vouchers: If you don’t want to add to the huge amount of things they need to pack in the car and take with them- a voucher is just as good. You could gift them a voucher for their favourite supermarket or home store so they can buy the all-important essentials for their space like food, duvets, cookware and towels.

Money: Money is always welcome when you’re a student as they must live a frugal existence. Why not give them some cash so they can spend it as they please, whether this be on essentials… or non-essentials.

Stationery: Every student is going to need at least a basic amount of stationery for their studies- pens, pencils, files, notebooks, dividers and plastic pockets all help to keep a person organised and ready for the year ahead. If they are prepared and have bought these supplies already- you could always get them some made from chocolate instead!

Chocolate Stationery Box (£14) www.choconchoc.co.uk
Chocolate Stationery Box (£14) www.choconchoc.co.uk

A streaming service voucher: If they don’t want to lug their entire DVD collection with them- a streaming service voucher is the next best space saving option and perfect for relaxing after a heavy study session… or a heavy night out. Think Netflix, Now TV or Amazon Prime.

Booze: If the student you are buying for drinks- any easy option is to get them a bottle of their favourite tipple- they are going to need it for all those house parties and for drinking while they are getting ready for a night out.

A cinema voucher: For the movie loving student- you could gift them a cinema voucher for those lazy nights out when only popcorn, fizzy drink and a dark room will suffice.

A book voucher: If the student in your life is an avid reader- a book token would be a blessing if you know they prefer to read rather than go out on the town. It can also help pay towards the books they might need to study with too. 

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