If you know a successful author or an aspiring writer, there are some excellent go-to gifts, here are just a few ideas in case you are struggling to know what to get them this year…

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

A pen: A basic tool that every writer needs, so why not get them a personalised pen, one that has their star sign on or something they love on the side? Stationery shops and online stores are awash with pens in every shape, size and colour- so your only problem will be choosing which one you like the best!

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Sign them up to a creative writing class: If your friend or family member wants to perfect their writing skills- you could always check out your local college for a leisure course in writing. Many offer starter courses and advanced courses if they need more structure to encourage them to write more.

Organise a writing retreat: If your budget is a little more generous, you could always send them off for a weekend surrounded by other like-minded people at a retreat. Writers find these very beneficial as they take away the distractions of everyday life and allow time and space to think and create.

A creative writing journal: If they need some inspiration, a picture led journal could be right up their street. This will help the words to flow and prompt them to regularly write if they keep it by their bed and fill it in each night.

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A writing book: If the writer in your life is struggling- a how-to or self-help book could be just what they need. There are many books out there on how to perfect character development, how to structure a book, how to choose the right setting. Whatever their block might be- there is a book that can help.

The Writer’s Toolbox: A kit from Amazon that includes a booklet with exercises and games to encourage any writer to start putting pen to paper if they are struggling to get something off the ground.

A notebook: An easy one but a useful one. Every writer needs a place to store their notes about their next novel, dreams they’ve had that have potential, facts that are integral to their next project and for short stories and poems if inspiration strikes. There are so may beautiful notebooks to choose from- you will be spoiled for choice.

Moleskine x Studio notebook, £24.99
Moleskine x Studio notebook, £24.99

Merry Christmas to all the writers out there both old and new!

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