Leading homes brand JML Direct  have been helping us clean our homes for thirty years. Now they’ve put all that expertise into a definitive guide on how often we really should be cleaning our homes, from the everyday chores to the big clean-up.

Clean your washing machine regularly

Clean your washing machine regularly

Everyday Easier

There are certain small cleaning chores that, done daily, will save you a lot of work in the long run. Make these part of your daily routine and you’ll forget they were ever a chore.

  • Shake up your wake up - when you wake up, make your bed straight away. A quick shake-out of your duvet and brushing down your sheets will freshen your bedding and remove dead skin cells that can attract dust mites.
  • Clean that screen- when you’re finished in the shower, wipe down your shower screen and tiles with a squeegee or a separate flannel. It takes seconds but will prevent water staining and reduce the build-up of mildew and mould.
  • Worktop Wipe Out - wiping down kitchen surfaces every time they have been used for food preparation or eating will keep crumbs and germs at bay, reducing the chances of pests in your home, and keep your kitchen looking clean every day

Your Weekly To-Do List…

When it comes to weekly tasks, it can be useful to assign a set day so you don’t forget. Whether you choose to tackle these in one go or split them up, just remember, a good routine will keep things clean!

  • Keep a clean sheet - You should really be changing your bed sheets once a week. Think of all the sweat, body oils, hair and dead skin that collects there, particularly if sharing the bed with someone else.
  • Bust that dust – dusting and then vacuuming your home, once a week, is another crucial task – shelves, lamps, books, carpets, hard floors and even furniture will collect dust and dirt in no time. Remember to dust surfaces first as that will just relocate the dust to the floor, where you can then vacuum it up.
  • Freshen-up the fridge - The bacteria in food can spread to packaged food and condiments and we don’t necessarily wash our hands when taking these things out of the fridge. So clean your shelves and salad drawer weekly and get yourself a Cool Mama, the fridge odour remover and deodoriser will keep your fridge refreshed. It works by deodorising it using baking soda and absorbs odours caused by moisture molecules escaping from food - helping your fridge to stay fresh until its next clean!

On Special Occasions…

There always comes a time when you need to press the reset button on your home hygiene and get every nook, cranny, corner and crevice as clean as you can.

  • Clean the cleaners - Every month you need to clean out your dishwasher, washing machine and vacuum cleaner. You’ll be amazed at the difference it makes to their efficiency and not keeping up the maintenance can lead to costly repairs.
  • Put mould on hold- Ultimately, you’ll still need an occasional big-clean for the whole bathroom so the Hurricane Spin Scrubber is perfect for blasting through soap scum, mildew, calcium, lime and hard water stains. The brush spins at 300 rpm like a tornado through dirt, as well as extending to 4 feet long to reach every corner, leaving your bathroom gleaming!
  • Beneath the Sheets –Although duvets, sheets and pillow cases act as a protective layer, it doesn’t mean they completely block out the sweat, dead skin and dust mites. Pillows need to be washed regularly and even your mattress should be turned around and over, as well as regularly vacuumed.
  • The back of beyond - you should also be cleaning under and behind furniture every three to six months. Hidden areas under sofas, rugs and even the fridge can be a banquet for dust mites, insects and even rodents, and unseen corners behind the TV or a wardrobe can get thick with dust and cobwebs.

Remember, cleaning is a chore but it has to be done, so why clean ‘hard’ when you can clean ‘smart’? Make sure you take advantage of the latest products from JMLDirect that are specifically designed to make these everyday chores that little bit easier!

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