Lucy McGilvray, leading homes expert from Kaleidoscope, offers her top 3 tips on decluttering in the home

Tupperware boxes and jars will keep your kitchen tidy

Tupperware boxes and jars will keep your kitchen tidy

Organise your kitchen cupboards

Lucy McGilvray says:Days, weeks and months pass at a blink of an eye, which often leaves unwanted or half opened food items lingering in cupboards and on fridge shelving as an afterthought. So, to stop this re-occurring, and in turn keep your kitchen cleaner and smelling sweeter, assess what food items you have on a weekly basis after your food shop. Instead of piling new foods in front of the old stuff, think logically about whether it’s something you will use in the near future. Using Tupperware boxes or jars are a great way to arrange your kitchen when it comes to organising food both in the cupboards and in the fridge. By organising any foods, spices or condiments into smaller storage boxes on a regular basis, you’ll keep things fresher, reduce the amount of food waste you’re generating, you’ll also find things easier to find, and will also gain more room by removing any excess packaging on food items.”

Utilise shelving

Lucy McGilvray says: “Why are you really keeping those old CDs and books crammed into your living room schedule, under your bed and piled sky high in the spare room? Unless you honestly re-read them, play them regularly in your home, or they have sentimental value - send them to your local charity shop or sell them on eBay! Getting rid of unwanted CDs and Books is a great way to free up shelves where stylish and minimal ornaments can take their place to allow you to make a style statement in your living space. This will also free up excess floor place which can instantly leave rooms looking more spacious.”

Search for creative storage solutions

Lucy McGilvray says: “Not everyone is blessed with copious amounts of space when it comes to their home, which often leaves people using every nook and cranny possible as extra storage. Clever storage solutions are a must for any room with limited space. Bonus points if you can find a multi-purpose item - a footstall that can act as a coffee table or a stool, which has additional space inside. An Ottoman with storage is the perfect place to store out-of-season throws or extra bedding for a foldout sofa. Bedding boxes are also great for storing excess clothing and unsightly shoe boxes.”