You know how to get the hump but how about developing your hunch? It's those inner alarm bells or excited flutters you either trust or wish you had. You just knew from the outset that you shouldn't have said yes to committing to that piece of work. Just look how it turned out. Dire, dismal and a waste of time and money. Why didn't you trust your gut? You felt uneasy about being alone with that person and now you are hearing bad things about their behaviour. If only you had told someone about your misgivings then. Why is it you can't see what other people can about the guys/gals you date? How can they spot the creeps and you can't? How can we trust a feeling even when the situation or facts are telling us something else? How can we hone a great sense of gut instinct what would it take to start to listen to our hearts?

Carole Ann Rice

Carole Ann Rice

The Psychic Sat Nav

In our lives we have myriad sign posts and clues to help us find our way to our passion, purpose and our heart's desire. We absorb our intuitive reactions to things and learn to trust ourselves and our judgments and usually reality will prove us right. Some of us, however, are lost in the wild, wild woods without a clue if there is a big bad wolf around the corner (even though everyone else can spot it) or whether there is a pot of gold (and everyone else has nabbed it) because of lack of self-care and poor boundaries.

This can put us in danger, keep our personal power small or see us missing out on great opportunities in life. We need to know what is both good and bad for us before it even happens. Our upbringing can mean our inner voice and protective alarm systems were undermined by a controlling or thoughtless parent or we weren't allowed to find out for ourselves what worked for us. We learned to not trust ourselves or listen to our soul messages because we haven't connected the source of our inner or higher selves. We can feel cut adrift from our inner guidance by being overly trusting and putting ourselves and our well-being in the hands of others, like a helpless passenger or have trust issues which can prevent us from making happy and healthy choices without extreme caution and suspicion.

Growing Your Intuitive Self

The great news is we can all develop our intuition and grow to listen to what is really right for us based on what we know and how we feel. It's about trusting yourself and knowing that whatever choice you make you will take responsibility for your actions and you can survive the consequences. This way you will grow and learn to be the author of your own destiny.

Suggested ways to help you and your client tap into your intuitive self:

  • Journaling
  • Meditation
  • Talk hunches or misgivings over with a neutral person to help get a perspective
  • Be healthy – intuition doesn't thrive if you are tired, ill or are intoxicated
  • Feel the sensation of the feeling – is it in the stomach, throat, heart, head?
  • Know the difference between toxic and healthy relationships
  • Learn to trust yourself and get your needs met.
  • Ask yourself what does your heart say?
  • What's the first thought or feeling that comes up?
  • What is this feeling telling you and when did you feel it before? What happened then?

It's not scientific and it can neither be explained or negated but trust your gut and you are confident and connected to your true life path.

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