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Stuart Miles

Stuart Miles

You don’t have to spend hundreds of pounds to stay looking younger, in fact all these tips will cost you nothing!

Always wear dark glasses whilst driving in the sun.

UVA rays, the major cause of skin ageing can even penetrate your car windscreen. Even on a sunny winters day with the sun low in the sky, put on a pair of shades when driving to protect the delicate skin around the eyes.

Moisture means water, not expensive creams first thing.

Hydrate your skin first thing in the morning with a pint of water as soon as you awake. Your skin will benefit immediately as it will de-puff your face by giving your lymphatic drainage system a boost.

Try a free hot and cold facial.

A simple hot and cold facial can help decongest your skin and rid it of toxins by opening and closing the pores.  It will also trap moisture in the deeper layers of your skin so it looks fresher, brighter and altogether younger.

Simply lay a steaming hot cloth on the face for a minute followed by one that is rinsed in ice cold water for a further minute and repeat.

Raid your kitchen cupboards for treatments.

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that cheap available ingredients can make fantastic treatments that will improve the way we look. 

Here are 3 simple ideas.

Coconut oil, Olive oil, Avocado oil all make fantastic moisturisers for the body and intensive night time moisturisers for the face. 

Sliced cold cucumber makes a brilliant eye mask. Place the slices over your eyes for 2 minutes for a simple way to de-puff the eye area. 

Try a milk bath, just simply add milk to your bath. The lactic acid in milk helps clean and soften the skin preventing future dryness, so perfect if you have any dry or eczema prone areas. 

It’s sometimes easy to get caught up in complicated science and theory and end up spending a fortune on products whilst forgetting that by using nature’s ingredients and simply listening to our own bodies, we have all the answers ourselves.

Reader questions.

Dear Stuart,

I have a very oily skin which I’m really self-conscious about when I go out after work. My make-up doesn’t seem to be that effective and I have to keep reapplying powder to stop the shine, can you help?

Renae in Tadcaster.

A:  I’ve recently discovered these amazing oil absorbing sheets. They are small, convenient and can be carried in your bag. Just lightly blot the problem areas on your face such as the nose and forehead when you are visiting the bathroom on a night out. These little miracles will absorb the excess oil giving you a matt, shine-free complexion instantly. That way Renae, you won’t have to keep reaching for the powder.


Dear Stuart,

My husband always seems to look tired due to his baggy eyes and even though I tell him to try applying eye cream everyday he won’t listen, is there anything else he can try?

Steph in Dunstable.

A: Firstly Steph, eye creams are not the most effective at reducing eye bags, try a cooling gel or liquid instead. Failing that see if you can get him to cut down on his salt intake. It will bring numerous health benefits and will reduce his eye bags. Too much salt in our diet encourages water retention and this shows up particularly around the face. Good luck!!

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