We’ve all been there, year on year, feigning delight upon receipt of a gift from our other half that we would never in a million years have bought for ourselves. Birthdays have fallen by the wayside, anniversaries pass by with just a card (if we’re lucky), Valentine’s Day is ignored altogether and your Mother’s Day gift is whatever school or nursery create in craft time (Cute? Yes. But it’s not quite a spa treatment... ).

There is no shame in telling him what you want

There is no shame in telling him what you want

It’s not that we’re ungrateful. We’re really not. We know that our menfolk have a lot on their plates too,  but if they are going to get us something, they may as well get it right first time.

Amy Pandazis and Laura Stockton, founders of brilliant new online gifting service, Don’t Let Her Down, have pulled together their top tips on how to help him to get it right first time, every time. They also share some of the top present fails that inspired the inception of the business.  

Top gifting tips

  • Don’t be shy. We have it on very good authority that our partners actually like guidance on what it is we want. Tell him. Whether that’s through a wishlist sent via text, a website address or physically pointing it out as you walk by a shop.
  • They don’t know what we want because sometimes we don’t know ourselves… Honesty time. How are they supposed to know what we want when we don’t know ourselves?! Spend some time doing your research and even if you can’t settle on one thing, send him some suggestions of the kind of things you like that are in keeping with your taste and style.
  • Remember the line from the receptionist working for Alan Rickman in Love Actually? “I don’t want something I need, I want something I want”. She was right (although we’d never admit that to Emma T cos we LOVE her!). As much as kitchen gadgets and cordless hoovers have revolutionised domestic life, this is 2018. Anything that is ‘practical’ for the house is a time saver for both men and women. It does not a romantic gift make…

Top present fails

  • A wireless mouse and lipstick sized back-up phone battery
  • A pound of gourmet sausages
  • A li-lo…  
  • A giant photographic ‘couple canvas’ to hang above the bed (the print of her head was bigger than her actual head)
  • A little blue box (win), containing a silver snake bracelet (fail)
  • A pushchair hand-muff
  • Black satin bedsheets
  • A fitness DVD and handweights

We deserve better than this. Like we said above, we’re not ungrateful. We know that gifts can be such personal things and whether we like them or not all comes down to our own taste. But unless we share a few pointers along the way, how could they possibly know about that amazing new candle brand that we saw online, or that handbag we’ve been dreaming about for months?

Tell him. He really doesn’t want to let you down. Don’t let him.

Don’t Let Her Down is free to join and sends weekly reminders in the run up to key occasions and recommends carefully considered gifts based on a simple and fun profile. The aim of the service is to nurture romantic relationships nationwide. Let’s keep the love alive!

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