They say people are judged within 2 seconds of meeting someone. It could be your walk, your smile, your hair or that unforgettable something that immediately identifies you and your personality.

Carole Ann Rice

Carole Ann Rice

Looking amazing plays a major role in this no matter what your body shape, age or profession. You stand the very best chance of making an impact if you look the best you can for your budget.   But savoir faire alone cannot open every door and how and who you are being can play just as much a part in the impact you make as the clothes you wear.

As you only have one chance to make a first impression here are a few essential self-coaching tips to ensure that the introduction lingers positively in the memory.

  • Even if you are not feeling confident act “as if” you are. Imagine how a really confident person would be and try to emulate them. Pretty soon others will believe it and eventually you will fool yourself into feeling that way too.
  • Smile and make eye contact. Shoulders back, relax and smile as though you were genuinely pleased to meet the new person. Look directly into their eyes and when introduced remember their name and reply by acknowledging them – “Pleased to meet you (their name)”.
  • Ask other people about themselves and shift the attention away from yourself. Most people are starved of an interested ear and longed to listened to.   Show interest in what they say and have a few stock ice breakers up your sleeve to keep the conversation going. I.e. “So what’s your biggest challenge work wise at the moment?” /”What do you love about what you do?”
  • If you are handed a business card hold it in both hands and spend a few moments reading it and acknowledging the person in front of you. Comment on their title or design of the card before showing the person you are putting the card somewhere safe. Just stuffing it in your pocket or bag without looking at it seems rude and is even considered insulting in some cultures.
  • Leave on a high note. When the conversation or meeting comes to its end try to leave the other person smiling or laughing. They will remember you as a nice person to be around and one that makes them feel relaxed and eager to meet you again.

By being aware of our behavior and how we relate to others can be very beneficial.   It can mean the difference from being just another person someone has met in the course of their busy day to being an attractive individual which that continues to impress long after you have left the room. Who wouldn’t want to be unforgettable?

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