This weekend, many people will be taking down their Christmas decorations, as we reach the twelfth day.

Take care with the Christmas lights

Take care with the Christmas lights

So, if you are planning on doing this at the weekend- here are my top tips for making sure they are in good order for next year.

Remove anything that you don’t want- Every house has decorations that have become tired or don’t match the décor anymore. So, take anything out that you no longer want to display in your home and donate it to charity.

Invest in strong, matching boxes- If you don’t have some already- make sure that your boxes are all the same, so they are stackable and, so you know at a glance that all your decorations belong in this type of box. This will make it so much easier to locate them in December 2018.  Carboard boxes perish in the cold and damp conditions so plastic boxes with lids are best.

Put similar things together- Have one box for tinsel, another for ornaments and another for lights. That way you can see exactly what you have when you open the box.

Take care with your lights- Make sure they all work before you put them back and wind them up neatly. Tangled lights are one of the biggest bug bears when putting up decorations so save yourself the aggravation.

Label your boxes- Even if they are clear- it is always useful to label your box up with that’s inside. It only takes a moment and saves you bags of time when you get them down again.

Use newspaper or bubble wrap- Make sure you most precious Christmas decorations are cared for by wrapping them in something protective, so they are intact for next year.

Invest in a bauble box- These are compartmentalised, so all of your baubles get a place of their own. This way, the most delicate baubles in your collection won’t bang against each other and risk breaking.

Buy a bag for your tree- Your artificial trees never go back in the box the way they came out which can often lead to mountains of Sellotape being used to hold the box together. A bag will allow for more flexibility for the branches and therefore you don’t have to sit on your box while you secure it each year.

Make a list of things you need next year- There are things you need to buy fresh every year like a wreath for the front door and cans of snow for your windows, so make a list of these items as well as things that broke, were missing or would like to add to your collection. This will save you aimlessly wandering around the shops figuring out what you might need during the busiest time of year.

Put your boxes at the back of your loft so they don’t get in the way- You only use them once a year, so you can afford to put them further back than other things you might want access to during the year. Stack them neatly, with the labels facing forward so you know what to reach for in 11 months’ time. 

And remember- this is not the best way to take your tree down...

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