Last month my mum and I were invited out to one of the most famously romantic hotels in the world, Jade Mountain Saint Lucia. Having heard all about the prestigious property and swooned over pictures of the retreat for months prior I was beyond excited to see the spectacle in the sky for myself. 

Sabrina at Jade Mountain

Sabrina at Jade Mountain

Jade Mountain was named the best of the best all inclusive resorts in the Caribbean by USA today and from the moment your feet step out of the car following the winding sea-view ride up you know you are visiting somewhere truly special.

The dramatically different hotel is openly built on a cliff’s edge in the popular Soufriere region of Saint Lucia. Rooms in the resort don’t adopt the usual uniform of names and numbers, they are in fact not  called rooms at all but named more aptly, sanctuary’s, with each specifically titled depending on their location within the paradise location.

We had the luxury of experiencing two different categories during our stay, the moon sanctuary and the sun sanctuary, both of which as far as hotel rooms go, were nothing short of amazing. The Moon was a split level suite in perfect position for a clean view down to the coast and the impress evening sunsets and The Sun featured a high swimming pool and sun lounging space, on top of the large open air designs, hot tubs and large four poster beds both room shared the same uniquely distinctive design, as all sanctuaries do at Jade mountain, they had only,  three walls. The lack of brick and glass that would usually make a room complete are deliberate as the hotel’s charming ‘eco-aware’ ethos comes to life by allowing all guests to be fully immersed in nature at every single moment spent ‘indoors’.

Each and every sanctuary showcases the rather iconic Saint Lucian view of the picturesque pitons. Towering out from the sea the recognisable landscape, the two lush green mountains are a sight for sore eyes and sleeping in any one of the available haven’s at Jade Mountain it’s the view you are greeted with every single morning as you wake up.

Jade Mountain magically soothes the minds of even the most active and anxious of travellers, allowing guests to never feel bad about leaving their rooms and despite a pull to explore the gorgeous country all we wanted was to do just that! Our sanctuary provided everything we needed for a relaxing escape from home and the luxury touches lured us never to leave.

With such gorgeous hideaways the hotel really has to go above and beyond for guests who chose never to step off the property and they do this quite marvellously! Whether choosing from the five in room dining menus or simply requesting the meal of your fancy, simply room service is not an option at Jade Mountain, instead, they provide each sanctuary butler service, When staying there you are treated to a majordomo of your very own (well make that three as they work on a shift pattern providing twenty four hour room service ;)) and no task is too much for them. So when your hands are too tired from cocktail sipping that you can’t twist the bath knobs your butler is just a call away to draw you one, he’ll probably arrive with rose petals to make it an extra special bathe too ;)

The hotel snakes all the way down the mountain to a sandy beach providing those without a pool in their suite a more public swimming option, the Caribbean Sea! Down at the beach the five star service continues with plush mattress beach beds, swinging hammocks and shade huts to park for the day and a ‘lounger’ service for drinks and food. From the beach there’s the option to snorkel in the lively house reef or simply soak up the year round rays. The hotel has a long list of excursions for guests wanting to explore the island and although begrudgingly, we did venture out to sea twice during our week’s stay, on both occasions we spotted whales and dolphins which after waking up daily to the dreamiest views and fully immersed in the sounds of nature was a sure cherry on top of the already candy embellished cake.

Written by Sabrina Chakici, TV Host & Travel Writer. Follow her travels on instagram @sabrina_chakici