From stinking toilets that make you squeamish to mould-infested walls, Lynsey ‘Queen of Clean’ lifts the lid on some of the horrifying discoveries she’s made whilst cleaning homes for Channel 4’s Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners.

Lynsey Queen of Clean

Lynsey Queen of Clean

As 67% of the UK gets set to undergo a spring clean to give their homes a brand new feel, with 13% spending over a day doing a deep clean, there’s still 25% who admit to being ‘too lazy’ to do a spring clean, according to stats from home appliance manufacturer Vorwerk.

And Vorwerk ambassador Lynsey has certainly seen some home horrors in her time!

In light of Vorwerk’s research, Lynsey has shared the worst cleaning disasters she saw in Britain’s homes whilst filming Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners and how easy it is to prevent them.

Lynsey’s top seven cleaning disasters

Toilet stains

Toilets covered in stains and human faeces have been very challenging for me to face, and Vorwerk’s research reveals that a dirty toilet is the biggest turn off in a home for 71% of the UK.

It really is so simple to keep your toilet in order – a daily wipe of the seat with an anti-bacterial spray and a splash of bleach left to sit overnight will help to keep your toilet from getting into such a mess.

Dirty kitchen floor

Another cleaning disaster I came across when filming for the show was kitchen floors covered in dog hairs and crumbs. Over half (55%) of homeowners and renters in the UK are put off by a messy kitchen and 43% are turned off by pet hair all over, according to Vorwerk’s research. This is so easy to avoid - a daily vacuum and a weekly mop will keep floors clean and shiny.

Mould growing on walls

I was shocked to see the amount of homes which had mould growing on the walls. Spray a mixture of white wine vinegar and water onto your walls to banish the mould. It is also important to keep your room well ventilated and clean it regularly to keep mould at bay.

Cobwebs everywhere

One of my biggest turn offs in a home is cobwebs – they immediately make me think that a home is unclean. A weekly whip around with your vacuum cleaner will tackle them. Vorwerk’s research shows that 45% of the UK reach for the vacuum cleaner as their first port of call when it comes to cleaning.

Animal droppings

Another disgusting thing I came across in someone’s home when filming for the show was rat droppings and bird poo! If you are unfortunate enough to have rats in your home, a daily vacuum will suck up any droppings and a daily wipe will keep the bird poo at bay.

Unclean oven

In one of the homes I visited, their oven was so dirty you couldn't see through the glass and the shelves were stuck with grease and grim! To tackle grim ovens, pour bicarbonate of soda all over and spray on lots of white wine vinegar. Leave to work overnight and rinse off in the morning. This will need to be repeated in very dirty ovens.

To prevent your oven from getting this bad in the first place, always wipe it after use with soapy water and give it a weekly, more intense clean to keep your oven looking like new.

Rooms hoarded with clutter

To keep your home looking tidy and organised, simply purchase a few storage boxes and learn to only keep what is necessary to remove clutter.

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