We all have the gifts and talents to connect to our own intuition. But we can mistrust ourselves and look elsewhere for advice and direction. What If I was to tell you that the answers you’re looking for in your life are already within you? And that you have Spirit Guides who can help guide and connect you to your own inner guidance system to unlock these answers?

Natalie Miles

Natalie Miles

Our Spirit Guides are our cheerleading team in Spirit, they’re here to guide us, send us signs and healing. More importantly they leave us feeling empowered, connected to who we are and what our soul purpose is. We are not alone on this life journey and when we connect to them you’ll feel confident, aligned and in tune with your own intuition.


Our team in Spirit is made up of 6-8 different guides, all providing a different role and function to help you. But we all have one main Spirit Guide who is with us from when are born until we die. They have lived many lifetimes here on earth and just like us have gifts, talents, personalities and passions. They like to use these talents to help and connect with us. It’s a special relationship between you and your main guide so when you learn to connect with them you’ll feel a special unique bond.

The rest of our Spirit Guide team is made up of protection guides, healing guides & messenger guides. They come in at specific times in our life when we need their assistance.


It’s my mission to guide others to connect with their Spirit Guides as they are the gateway to working with your intuition in your daily life. Our Guides have made it easy for us to connect with them and there are simple steps to establish the connection. Firstly, ask them to step forward. Our Guides have become so used to being in the background they need to be encouraged when we’re ready to work with them. Take 5 minutes somewhere quiet, shut your eyes and say in your head or out loud “ I am ready to work with you. Please step forward. I would like to receive your messages and guidance.” You will begin to feel their presence. Look for any feelings or sensations in or around your body.

The next step is to ask for a sign. Once we connect our Spirit Guides will show us that they are always around. I ask to be shown a specific picture or symbol to let me know I'm on the right path. My main symbol is an Owl and Spirit always show me this to let me know they’re around. When picking your sign make sure you pick something that means something to you. And trust that you’ve picked the right one! You’ll start to notice this sign pop up around you.


So when you’re feeling lost and looking for direction call in your Spirit Guides. They’re here to help connect you to your intuition - that place within all of us that knows the answers we’re looking for.


I’ve just released Get Guided an 11-day digital course where I share all of my top tips and advice to get you connected with your Guides. I lead you through a series of guided meditations, rituals, exercises, and activities so you feel confident in your own intuition. Your Guides are ready to work with you and I’m excited for you to use your Guides more in every day life.

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