I’ve recently joined a writing group and I’m already seeing the benefits after just three sessions. So, I thought I would share my reasons with you if you’re thinking about taking the leap and joining one too.

It makes you write!

It makes you write!

A safe space- Like any other specialised group- you are in a judgement free place. You’re all in the same boat so it’s somewhere to be open and honest about your and other people’s work.

Likeminded people- If you like to write as a hobby, other people in your family or in your friendship circle might not share your passion for the written word. At least you know in a writing group that you all have one thing in common before you really get to know each other.

It’s inspirational- You shouldn’t ever go to a writer’s group to copy other people’s words- but their style of writing, their feedback, their experiences might just inspire something in your own creative efforts. You are there to bounce ideas off one another after all. 

Feedback- It’s one of the only informal places people will give you honest feedback about your writing. Your family and friends are probably just blown away by the fact you can write creatively and their reaction stops there. People in a writing group are there to help you make your story, book, script or poem into the best it can possibly be and with that comes a little constructive feedback.

People understand you feel protective of your writing- Other people might not understand how much your writing means to you. People in a group like this do. They get that your writing is something you hold very dear. It’s precious and so it needs treating with respect.

It’s makes you put pen to paper- If you don’t write anything else in that month or week, depending on how frequent your class is- it encourages you to write something. Something is better than nothing and who knows where it might lead?

It’s a friendly place to go- You are not going to meet with scary editors, published authors who think they are a cut above and bossy directors of publishing houses. You’re not there to be intimidated or encouraged to be competitive- you are there to be kind and pleasant to others and trust that they will treat you the same.  

There is no hierarchy- Yes there may be people in group who have been published but that doesn’t make them any better than the other creative minds who attend. You are all there on an equal footing.   

It's as much for book lovers as it is for writers- Writers are often keen readers too so if you’re struggling to find your next book to devour on your holiday- chances are, someone can recommend a good yarn.

There is no pressure- If you want to write to get published it’s a great stepping stone. On the other hand, if you want to keep your writing just for you and the select few people you’re prepared to read it to- that’s also fine. A writing group recognises that your writing belongs to you and you can do with it what you wish.

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