Halloween is upon us again and tonight the streets will be filled with trick or treaters dressed as witches, devils, ghosts and all things scary. But what about going on a real ghost hunt by visiting some of the UK’s most haunted locations? Haunted Rooms and Haunted Houses have identified some of the spookiest places to visit, guaranteed to leave your hairs standing on edge! Here are some reasons why you should consider spending a night in a haunted venue - warning, it’s not for the faint hearted:

To prove you have nerves of steel

To prove you have nerves of steel

Get some Gothic style inspo

They often say that black is the new white when it comes to interior design. If you’re a fan of the gothic glam or medieval look then take advantage of your night out by making a mental note of the dark and dramatic interior and decorations that inspire yo.. Add an element of mystery to your home by replicating what you’ve seen - guaranteed to get your dinner party guests talking!

Learn some haunted history

Apart from being terrified out of your wits, haunted houses provide a good chance to learn about their history and hear some spooky tales of the past. A grown up bedtime story, if you will, but one that’ll guarantee you’ll be wanting to check under bed, and in the closet, before you go to sleep.

Feel the fear and do it anyway

Some of us are natural thrill-seekers and some of us less so. Wherever you fit on that spectrum, researchers suggest that a slight amount of fear can actually be good for you. It works by triggering the flight-or-flight response which in turn raises your adrenaline levels, and boosts your immune system temporarily by raising the levels of white blood cells. Think about when you go on a rollercoaster - you might feel a bit anxious before the ride starts, but by the end of it you’re desperate to get back in the queue and do it all over again. And again.

Prove you’ve got nerves of steel

What better way to impress your date/friends than by proving your bravery and facing a whole night of terror in a haunted house? Or it could be a good time to practice your best poker face by pretending not to be scared even though inside you’re trembling with fear! If you’re truly evil try and lose said date or friend in the haunted house, while you hide behind a door (that old trick). Screaming guaranteed!

Try your luck connecting to the dead

Ever fancied trying to speak to the ‘other side’? Many ghost hunting events allow for the chance to use an ouija board - but be warned, you never know who you’re going to end up connecting with! Research by fast house buying company Open Property Group has identified the top cities that are searching for an ouija board and it turns out that those living in Birmingham, Sheffield, Leeds, Liverpool and Manchester are fascinated with with the spirit world. Interestingly, people living in those cities are also most likely to search for ‘haunted house’ - a spooky correlation?

Haunted houses are a great alternative to halloween house parties. So why not give yourself the full-on heeby-jeeby experience tonight and step into the world of the supernatural. It’ll be sure to make for a memorable night and you’ll always be wondering...what was that knock?